Friday, February 1, 2013

Dog Fashion Police

Went to hang out with my Dad tonight, he's 82...while telling me all about his recent visit with his buddy and explaining why this 88 year old gentlemen should get an iPad like Dad's (ok, it was really my sister's once upon a time but Dad claimed it long ago as his, so thus now it's Dad's iPad...oh, yes Dad LOVES Lady Gaga too!)...anyway, mid-story he tells me "So what's this get-up tonight? Halloween?", I said, "No Dad, just what I had handy when I left so Max doesn't get cold"...Dad looks at it again with a face of disapproval and says "Well, I've certainly seen him in better!"...(Gotta love there an app for that? ...Grandpa's Pup Fashion Tips?)"It was like $3 at Ross...I'll try to do better Dad"...Dad, "Yea, Harold really isn't the type of dog that should wear skulls heads" (Dad's also decided Max should be Harold but has settled for that being Max's middle name instead).
Have a beautiful day!

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