Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy 1st Adoption Birthday Max!!!!

Today I have added a page or maybe it's called a tab to this blog about all of the events that lead me to having "THE BEST PUP IN THE WORLD"....Max!!!
I hope you will take a moment to read Max's story - even though it's a little long, I thought it was really important to tell it.  The difference that ALL of these people made in Max's life, in turn, my life is just unbelievable!!! His "time was up" .... I can't even think of that...this perfect little pup...but some (a lot), of people got together and cared...a LOT!!! That is why I have "the gift of Max" today...ONE person, then another, and another CAN and DOES make a difference!!! 
Thank you SOOOO much to all of you - you all have my heart forever!!!! Love Ya!!!!
Max in a MAXium
Security Lock-Up..
Carson Shelter in California
(This picture breaks my heart!)
Facebook photo when one
of his California Foster Moms
was trying to find Max A
Furever Home.
(She's my hero!)

Max at his new
Foster Mom's and Rover Oaks Pet Resort in Katy, Texas
Can't say enough wonderful things about
Rover Oaks Pet Resort and Citizens For Animal Protection!!!
A Day to Remember...
The Day I Adopted Little Max!!!
February 16th, 2012

Enough mushy stuff Ma....
Oooowww....can't WAIT to open Mr. Brown Bear's Gift!!!

I MUST be EXTREMELY popular...all my buddies showed up
not to mention all of my virtual friends!!
It's SOOO cool Mom!!!

Ma even bought me TWO ties...
this one matches my party hat!
Did you know I even have a "wardrobe consultant"?
(Yep, I call Mom that and it seems to make her feel special...whatever, as long as she
keeps me in style!  Gotta through her a bone once in a while right?!)

I KNOW Ma!!!..."Don't chew with your mouth open"
...blah, blah, blah!!! Gee Wiz's my Birthday...Lighten up!!

I KNOW..."be GRACIOUS and share your presents with your friends"!
I'm just worried Panda Bear is gonna eat ALL of my Dentasticks!!

Urrr....Max does have a few "questionable" type of friends...
Thunder Kitty gave him CAT NIP!!!
He is sooo grounded after his party!
Wait until I tell Thunder's Mom about this!!
Oh, That Thunder Kitty and Max...ends up there really wasn't any
CAT NIP involved! They were just acting like they were on it!!
Max:  "Ha, Tricked Ya Ma!!! Aren't Me and Thunder Funny?!!"
(BIG Relief!! Max is furever playing practical jokes on me!!  I can laugh about it now!!)

Happy 1st Adoption Birthday My Special Little Angel!!!
Looks like Max is Partied Out!
Thanks to all of you that helped give me
"The Gift of Max"
Love you all!!!

Special thanks - you can click on for more information
on their sites about these WONDERFUL people/bunch of folks at:

Bought the cute hat and tie set from Pugpossessed at:


  1. Happy birthday Maxamillion!!

  2. That hat is absolutely ridiculous and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! <3

  3. Happy 1st Adoption Birthday Max! You are so adorable and completely precious! Love your birthday hat! Your collar/tie and bow tie are very suave! :-)

    Hugs and kisses,

    Park Avenue Chihuahua

  4. Thanks Tina....I'm feeling pretty special today!!

  5. You are looking very festive, Max! Hope you have a great day!

  6. Thanks Coralee and Finn - we're having a blast!

  7. Oh my dog, what a blast! Happy Gotcha day Max, your sure have the BEST furever home!


  8. Thanks Slobbers! Yep, I plan on sticking around with this Human...she buys me cool clothes :)

  9. oh, how could i have missed your special day! happy belated adoption day max and may this be just the first of MANY more to come!!!
    that first picture breaks my little adopted heart too :(
    wags, bailey

  10. Bailey-you would have been invited to my party for sure if you lived closer! You know how cute I think you are too!
    Hugs, Max (oh...and my human)

  11. He is so cute!! I hope i can visit you guys in near future♡

  12. Are you visiting Houston? I know Max would LOVE to see you!!!


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