Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ruff Morning For Ma

Max SCREAMED Woooooooffff...Ayyyyyy!
Is THAT really how you look in the mornings Ma?!!!
Jeez Wiz...guess I need to hit the Snooze Button
for a while while you fix yourself huh?
Sorry Ma, just can't DO that to a pup this early in the morning!!!
Ha...still crackin' up about Ma this morning!
Good thing my Dog Park friends didn't see her!
I says to Ma..."WHO needs the Collar today!",  ha ha ha!

But YEA for's her 1 month of being
a Blogger today!


  1. Oooh Max, surely your Ma can't look that bad in the morning...then again our Mum looks awful! hehe.

    Congrats on your bloggy versary!


  2. It was pretty ruff seeing Ma like that...I might need therapy!
    Thanks for the congrats and helping Ma!


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