Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Max Goes Missing-Mom Freaks Out! and BarkBox Info. from Us On Cloud 9

How do you lose you 9.6 lb. pup in your own house?!
Surely I didn't go outside and miss that Max was beside me?
No, that COULDN'T have happened!!
Panic sets in rather quickly as I tear through the house looking for Max and calling his name, at first no big deal, then I was start to freak out! I look at his favorite place in the world...my bed...no Max!
How can that even be possible?!!
Then I see a little movement under the comforter....relax Mom!!
Now I got get the camera and this is the face I capture....

Who? Me?

Just enjoying the electric blanket Mom :)

I promptly picked up that sweet little face and smiled big!!!

Hug your little pup today friends!!! Rock your Tuesday!!!

P.S. But WAIT...there's more (I sound like an infomercial right?!).... My awesome virtual friend Kat, (aka Beamer's Mom), over at

did a fantastic review of BarkBox...the review was so good, I bought a subscription too! I never even heard of it until Beamer's Ma! She even has a link to click on for  $5 off when you click her link (Max likes it when we save $$! and it was easy too), she has good pix of it and Beamer too so go check out what she had to say and join Beamer's blog too - Max did!


  1. Max! You shouldn't scare your Mom like that!

    1. Boy, you're not kidding Taryn!!! That moment of panic wasn't good but seeing that little face peep out...heaven!

  2. Aww you are too sweet, Max's mom. You definitely made me smile, the way you talk about us. We adore you, your sense of humour, your unabashed love for Max, Max himself, and your blog too! :)

    Thank you for using our BarkBox referral link. You've made Audi and Beamer happier for one more month. You won't regret it, BarkBoxes are so much fun to receive and we've tried some great products that we never would have picked up otherwise. Max will thank you too, once he gets his first box.

    And we're glad you found Max. I always told myself that if I had a small dog like a chihuahua, the chances of me losing him in my room are more than likely. That's why I need a big dog that can't get lost under piles of clothes and books :)

    1. Kat-Hope a few others will go to to your BarkBox so you can score a few more boxes! Max generally hasn't liked toys but I still pick one up here and there and try them out, but not to worry because my beautiful granddog LOVES any kind of toy so they never go to waste! He does like treats though..a lot!
      Thanks for the kind words too!!!
      Yes, I knew Max was kinda a small guy but I really didn't see him at ALL under the covers! I tear the bed up first next time before I freak out :)

    2. Aww, maybe Max will find a toy he likes via BarkBox. They send other products too, like shampoos, water bottles, and and dental gels, just to name a few.

      Audi the pug doesn't like toys, but he developed a fascination with my slippers recently. I think he likes the texture, so I'll try to find a toy that mimics it.

      I sometimes trip over Audi and he's 20lbs. Are you extra careful walking around when Max is by your feet?

      And Beamer is a great dog. He's a failed therapy dog. He passed the temperament evaluation at just over 1 year old (which is the minimum age). Unfortunately, he was spooked during the senior home visit. I have to socialize him more and get him re-evaluated.

    3. Yep, I figured there would be plenty in the BarkBox that Max would like to try out and whatever he doesn't like my granddog or my sister's pup (or endless other work pup friends, etc.) will enjoy so it's a total win-win for us!
      Ha, Max watches out for MY feet I think...must have a pretty good sense that his Mom's a total klutz so I'm lucky for that! Pugs are great too...my Dad had a solid black Pug named Toby which I eventually nicknamed Toby Ellis McGillicutty (don't ask how that got started-ha!) but Toby was a sweetie!
      Good for you and Beamer for trying to be a Therapy pup! Max is way too skittish to ever be a Therapy pup..he scares real easy but once he knows you and knows you're a safe human...ya can't get rid of him...he is a total attention hog and if I pet another pup in the family, he'll just go be with someone else right then but be darn if he's gonna not ALSO get immediate attention...that just isn't gonna fly!! He always makes me laugh about that but is never aggressive or anything..just a big baby :)
      I'll keep my fingers crossed about Beamer's next re-eval - I have every faith you'll get him there!!! He'd be sure to bring LOTS of smiles with his cuteness!!!

  3. It is a really scary feeling when they disappear like that! One day I couldn't find Dip after we got back from our walk and after tearing round the house like a maniac I opened the front door only to find her half way down the road - she was hiding under the car when we went in.

    1. Lynne-Yep, that's all I could think about it that when I went out to feed Stanley (the kitty who has taken up residence in my yard)(not sure if he has a family near or what because he is very clean, etc.) but all I could think was Max slipped out somehow then and he was definitely not anywhere in the backyard!!! Glad you found Dip too!!! Have a great day!

  4. Woof! Woof! I bet you are just being silly. Many bloggie friends resisted for the barkbox (not us due to allergies). For you can't wait to get yours. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. Sugar-Aw, bummer about your allergies :(. Max isn't much of a toy lover but my granddog Chloe sure is so that part won't go to waste! Yep, Max thought he was real silly, Mom not so much in the moment, not til he moved!!! I swear I'll rip those covers off first thing next time!!! I loved his innocent look though!!! He knew he freaked me out! :)

  6. omd, i know exactly what you went through. that happened to me with little bailey. i lost her in our backyard. i called her and called her but she never came. i was frantic. my heart dropped into my stomach. i ran all around the house and all around the backyard. i was sure she had escaped! then i saw her just laying on the grass, calm as a cucumber. i must have passed her a dozen times and didn't even see her. worst. day. ever.

  7. Scary isn't it and Bailey's really tiny so she'd be real hard to spot.


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