Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chanel No.5

Show us your Brad Pitt Chanel No. 5 Look!!!
Show me love Max..That's it...
Work The Camera...You're a Star !!!

Ok, show us the Vulnerable look!
Got it...America's Top Model....
Oh, I TAUGHT them eh?!
Playing around with the Monochrome Settings...but I really loved this photo!
I know...I'm such a goof-ball! But I have this handsome model!!
While I'd LIKE to say he just thinks I'm a Gourmet cook..
Nope, just does this a lot....we call it a trick :)
Hey, hey..don't judge us...the only other trick is the handshake...
Gotta work with what we got!!!
When you're THIS handsome...ya don't need tricks right?!!

Chanel No. 5,
if you're looking for a ...eeehh..humm...replacement model

...well, the photos SPEAK (get it..speak... ha.. ha) for themselves! :) 
(Thankfully I DO have a day job!)

Sending a GIANT, SPECIAL Hug to get better soon to little D and his Mama T!!!!!

P.S. Thanks soooo much to Houston PetTalk Magazine!! They posted on Facebook  yesterday about Max's "MAKE A PUPS DAY! THE CITIZENS FOR ANIMAL PROTECTION WAY " Page/Tab on this Blog to help me encourage people to donate $10 a month to Citizens For Animal Protection so we can all help save more pups (and their buddies) lives!!! Yea!! Thanks sooooooo much!!!! You guys rock!!!! 


  1. Love the poses, little pup. You know how to work your angles ;)

  2. Thanks Kat, Ma thinks she's the puparazzi or somethin' :)

  3. Thanks for joining the site too!
    Max and Max's Ma

  4. Chanel would be wise to replace Brad Pitt with you, Max! Great model. Especially love the tongue shot.

  5. Kristin-I think so too! Maybe they need to at least give Brad an adorable assistant (then then you know Max would steal Brad's thunder). Maybe a Chanel No. Max is in order here? How about (tongue photo)...Yum, Chanel No.'s pup eatable cologne for the distinquished pup? Think Max needs an Agent! :)

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog! Max is a real cutie!


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