Traveling With Max

Have any tricks, tips, etc. for traveling with your pup you can share???
I'd really love to hear them!!!

Sly Pup Purse for those times Max is hangin’ with me and I realize I have to run inside a store real quick and don’t want to leave him in the car by himself – looks like a pretty big, black diaper bag but nobody’s every questioned me and Max just lays down in the shopping cart and watches what’s going on (lucky for me he’s never barked while on a covert mission).  Got this one from - Like that is doesn't scream "dog inside" and the bottom is very stable to let Max feel secure and both sides are very ventilated with good size peek-a-boo areas so Max can see everything. Has 1 interior zip pocket I don't think I'd use though unless for a flat piece of paper max as I think it wouldn't be comfortable for Max, but there is a huge pocket on one side of the exterior and 2 smaller pockets on the other exterior side that fits your keys and cell perfectly-overall bag is well-made and since Max is small (9.6 lbs.) but long and long legged the bag is perfect for us so Max gives it 2 paws up!
Note to BACKBONE: Max IS available for modeling as he IS the cutest pup in the world :) 
Backbone - Chloe Pet Carrier
Max has to be able to see what's going on!

It was cold outside so I got this little
circular dog bed with high sides from Ross
and had it in the car for Max...before I
thought about dog traveling safety,
but still....pretty darn cute isn't he?!
Max’s FAVORITE and ONLY real “trick”…the “I’m trying to shake your hand and have you notice how cute and irresistible I am” trick that I KNOW gets me ANYTHING I want!
In this case…YIPPEE…Car time…but still…
Got this cool little device that clicks into your seat belt on one end and clips to the harness on the other end.  It’s SUPER easy and fast to use and works great for Max but he’s a real calm pup. If you have a hyper pet co-pilot you might want to put this in your back seat as it would allow you pup just enough room to get at you while driving. Probably safer to have you co-pilot in the backseat anyway but Max and I prefer the the front seat J. It’s a great option if you’ll be having humans in and out of your car and don’t want to deal with a Dog Car Seat or else just want something you can shove in your purse if you travel with your pup a lot and are in a friend’s car.  Pretty sure I got this on eBay.
Are we there yet?!
Right before heading out on our road trip from Houston to Missouri I broke my knuckles in a cleaning my room accident (yes, I am a total klutz!) so I had to drive with my left hand and Max enjoyed the comfort of my new cast!
Bought this Dog Car Seat – Travelin’ Dog Pet Seat from Amazon by The Good Pet Stuff Co. for the trip and it worked out very well except for the attachable food tray which was worthless. It does have a nice compartment under the seat so I could store Max’s portable food and water tray, potty bags, leash and maps and its easy to put in the car and Max stayed secure during the trip and enjoyed the scenery. Overall a paws up from Max purchase.

More to come...
the stroller I still haven't used, my new pupsaver dog car seat, portable dog kennel, boarding searches while traveling, the life-saver of having two sets of car keys, hotels, etc.
If you've had some experiences of things to do or not do on doggie road trips, day trips, tricks, tips, etc. for traveling with your pup - love to hear them!!!

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