Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Amazing Big Sis and My True Love!!!

Sunday night Ma and me were super tired, after the big day at the beach and Ma's back looks like a cherry...I told her to use sunblock but did she listen? Nope, ignore me Ma and see what happened?!! Anyway, so after we were done with our day helping and visiting with Grandpa, (oh Sunday I was back to being called Harold again ...I think I like him calling me that...kinda an elegant gents name),...ok, so we're dog tired and my Big Sister calls Ma when were coming home and invites me and Ma to eat!!! I TOLD Ma to be SURE to take a photo of Sis's meal but if she doesn't write it on her hand it doesn't happen!!! She made Ma some wheat pasta spaghetti with  organic meat in the sauce, garlic bread and even had wine! Then they had ice cream cones!!! What did I get?! Kibbles!! Pfft! BUT...guess who I got to see...my lady-pup, Chloe...
Isn't she a dream?! Such sparkles in her eyes! And she wore that glittery collar just for me (blush)!
Sometimes she likes to play "hard to get"...

But not for long...ha ha....I STILL GOT IT!!!

Jeez Ma...Give us some PRIVACY!!!
Don't you and Ma have some girl talk to catch up on or something Sis?!
We had to settle for a quick goodnight kiss since SOME PEOPLE...I'm talking HUMANS here!!! Don't give  two certain Pups their SPACE!!!! Aw, but isn't she pup-a-licious!!!

Max walked right into the stairwell when we were leaving cause SOMEPUP was off in puppy love la la land!!! (Just kidding but it sounded so theatrical)

Have a beautiful today with the special ones in your life!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Saturday's Adventure

Yep, Susie and Sidebite figured it out specifically...Saturday morning Max and I headed off to Galveston, Texas, about 1-1/2 hours away from Houston to the beach! It was an overcast, rainy sort of day but since I only get the one day off a week, we said the heck with it and loaded up the car and off we went...you can tell by the photos that it was really overcast and rained on us on the way there even, but it didn't stop the dynamic duo! Good news is it didn't rain while we were there! Yea!
Yea! No rain!

Lots of great smells in the seaweed and driftwood!

At first I was ok to get my paws wet, later I decided sand was better!

Ma! Ma!....LOOK...it's like Uncle's fish tank in here!!!

Too bad I didn't grab that tiny fishy I saw...yum...bet it was chicken flavored!

But Ma, I'm SURE that lady wants to pet me!!! Come on!!!

This is my Stealth...I might just get you seagull pose!!!

Ma's feets....ewww...haven't ya heard of shoes for humans Ma??? 

Oh, I wish my lady-pup Chloe was here!!! Now SHE would look great in a swimsuit!!!

I really like to watch the seagulls and a little boy throws bread to them and they catch it in mid air!
I could do that if I REALLY wanted to, I choose, however, to be more dignified!

Look Ma! I can write my name now!!!

Not real sure what this flavor is but I like it!

Watered seaweed and driftwood, check!

Ma set up my own personal cabana and was feeding me special treats and water...gotta stay hydrated!

Ok, done playing at the beach...Nap time!!!

What the DOG?!! Ma says we're on a Ferry Boat!!! But The Ferry Boat people aren't nice!! I am not allowed out of the car so Ma put down all the windows! More Seagulls and LOTS of people came by to say hello to me in the car! I like the kids especially!!! One mini-human even gave me a Cheeto!

Ma screwed up and got the photos out of sequence cuz this was when we left the beach. I think I need a beach house too to add to my collection of houses I have but Ma says no...gosh, what a buzz kill Ma can be! I told her to just charge it, she still said no! 

Ma and me got outta the car on our way home and took these pixs by the Seawall but I think I can spray better than the ocean can! 

Funny humans on that Seawall

Ma says no dogs here so they won't be getting Ma's money! (of course I STILL say she could buy me a beach house! Urr!!)

ANOTHER non-doggie place called Pleasure Pier...Ma hasn't been there yet but my cousin did and had a blast! (My cousin is a human...)

Overkill Ma...we get it...fun! Whoo Hoo...if you are a HUMAN!! I think we need to write a letter to the Mayor of Galveston demanding a Pleasure Pier for Pups!!!

A beach along the Seawall but Ma prefers the ones we can drive on so we didn't go there and they aren't as full of humans.

Ma says maybe next time we can ride these....

Despite the mean Ferry Boat people this Ferry Boat is cool!!! I really like it when they honk the horn!

Well, it wasn't a Bald Eagle but ya get the point! (I think Ma's a crack-head sometimes!)

Still not a Bald Eagle Ma....what's in your cup????

Hey, dopey...you aren't a seagull or a Human...not even a Mini-Human, how did YOU get permission to be out on the Ferry Boat?! Discrimination against pups I tell ya!!!

Ma had to show some Texas Pride! (HA...she's not even a REAL Texan..she was born in Connecticut and I'm from California!...Ma's just crazy as a loon sometimes!...maybe it's cuz my Big Brother and Big Sister are native Texans?!? Who knows, I just humor Ma sometimes....it's easier that way!)

See that piece of bread? The smart seagulls catch it in their mouths in mid air!!

Driving home we saw LIGHTNING! I decided to bark the first time it happened! Then I sat up to get a better view of it...I liked it!!! Not so much of a fan on the thunder but glad we were in Ma's car! Oh I almost forgot to tell you guys...when we were getting back on the Ferry Boat and were in line the Security Humans made Ma go to a special lane...it's where they tell Ma to get outta the car and open her trunk, glovebox, console and hood. So she pops the truck with a fancy button inside her car, explains there is no console (cuz she got the cheap version of a car), opens the glovebox and her GPS fell out, then the Security Humans told her SHE was gonna have to pop open her hood, I don't think Ma would be a good mechanic as it took her several tries to do it! The Security Human Men's kinda chuckled! Then they put special wands under her car! Apparently they do this to random cars at certain times for Homeland Security reasons. Ma asked if she could take their picture and they were nice but said no and laughed and told Ma and me to have a great day! I'm sure THEY would have been ok with me being out on the Ferry Boat!!!

Ma curses a lot in bad traffic and before long our car was getting hailed on! It was so bad rain that it got pitch black outside but we sure had some fun while it lasted!!! I wanna go back soon!
Have a beautiful day whether it's raining or not and let your smile be your umbrella!!!
(..wow...Ma overdosed on sickening sweet today!!! Cheers...off to find that bottle of wine I hid)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Be SomePUP

Max and I were off on yet another fun-filled adventure...Max  was a wee bit irritated that the graffiti artist didn't say Be SomePUP but he decided to let it slide!
Yep folks, Ma has officially LOST her mind...do you see what it looks like out there? Overcast, stormy, yucky in general, but I love driving in ugly weather since I'm not behind the wheel and love to stare out the window or chillax in my carseat and snooze!
Houston is definitely behind us now! Guess where we went?!

We're HEEERRREEE! Yea...time to wake up!

Have a beautiful today, even if the weather is yucky....go for it still!!! 
Ma gets one day off a week and decided she is gonna go for it regardless! 
I like that...car rides and treats for me!!! Whoo Hoo!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Drama On Our Way Home Last Saturday!

Max had zero concern but was curious about lots of flashing lights that wasn't Ma's camera!!
Hey wait a minute...usually flashing lights mean it's all about me?!! I'm confused!!!
On our way home last Saturday from that lovely McKinney Falls State Park there is this realllllly long, flat stretch of Hwy 71 where you can see for miles!!! All the sudden, thank Dog that Ma had looked in her rear view mirror or she might have gotten hit by the whizzing cop car with this lights and siren on but who was easily going 100 MPH so not much time to hear the sirens before he was behind me! Max was yappin' see Ma, told you not to speed! But no...wasn't pulling me over for sure...just hurry and get out of his way!! Soon after about 10-12 more cop cars whizzed by us but we couldn't see anything up ahead...then the helicopters started overhead! We were a bit concerned of what in the world was going on in front of us!! Then my son took the photo below as we passed by the incredible scene as the police were removing the spike strips they had along the highway...

04/21/2013 12:49 PM

Man hijacks CapMetro bus, leads 30-mile police chase

A man hijacked bus and led police on a 30-mile chase from a neighborhood in Southeast Austin all the way to Bastrop on Saturday evening.
Police said they've never seen anything like it.
"We have questions that need to be answered,” said Austin Police Senior Officer Jermaine Kilgore. “What's going on with this guy? What made him do what he did today?"
Austin police said the suspect boarded the bus in the 8000 block of Thaxton Road. He was armed with a hand gun.
"He presented the weapon, took custody of the bus, ordered the bus operator as well as all of the passengers off the bus, took the bus and started driving east," Kilgore said.
Eventually, officers from Austin, Travis County, Bastrop and the Department of Public Safety caught up.
They chased the bus all the way to the parking lot of the Auto Zone store off Highway 71 in Bastrop. Police had to use spike strips to take out the wheels of the bus.
"We had to make sure he wasn't going to hurt anyone else, so we had to take action and unfortunately it ended this way," Kilgore said.
Police say the man shot himself. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
Dan Dawson, a spokesman for Capitol Metro, said it's fortunate no one else was hurt.
"The driver's first priority is always to take care of the passengers,” Dawson said. “So I'm sure the driver did everything he could to make sure the passengers were safe."
Police questioned the driver and passengers Saturday. The first step in figuring out why the man would hijacked the bus and ended his life in violence.
Police say no other shots were fired. They have not yet released the suspect's identity. Cap Metro said it will review its bus security policies as a precaution.

We had no idea what had happened until later that evening - so  glad none of the passengers were hurt! Always an adventure whenever I have Bog Brother in the car it seems! Strange things always seem to happen when we have Big Brother with us on an adventure but then with Big Sister, when she's with us is  when we get seated or are near the crazy people. Just an observation that we've all made throughout the years. Does that seem to happen to you when you are hanging out with one particular person??

Big Brother is not good with the camera, good thing he's fun to be around!
Our sweet friend Leah over at Kirby's Dawg Blog gave us this award, at first I thought maybe I shouldn't receive it since we use Blogger and this is Wordpress. but then I said, what the heck, Leah is my buddy and I also have lots of other buddies on Wordpress so yea, we are gonna participate!! If you haven't met Leah and Kirby you HAVE to go to their site!!! She does fantastic videos, has contests and is just all around fun! Thanks Leah!!
The following rules go with the award
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5.  That's it.  Just please pick 10 people that have taken you as a friend and spread the love.
Here's our 10 picks in no particular order,(I tried to pick Wordpress users but wasn't 100% sure if you all are or not but even if you aren't I bet you are like me and have Wordpress buddies):
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Friday, April 26, 2013

Park Day - You WON'T BELIEVE what Max Did!! (Read the P.S. too - ha!)

I HIKED FOR PARK DAY!!!... Brilliant idea by the awesome Gizmo as Co-Host of Park Day and Finn, Blogville's Director of Parks! Can't wait to read all the blogs today!!!
Last Saturday my son and my co-pilot Max, decided to drive about 2-1/2 hours away from Houston, Texas to see McKinney Falls State Park in Austin, Texas.  We began our trip as some of you know by stopping at Rosemary's Vineyard and Winery in La Grange, Texas...yum, good stuff! Then it was off to see the 726 acre park that opened in 1976 after 638 acres were donated by Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Smith and Miss Annie M. Smith who were the grandchildren of James Wood Smith had previously bought the land and homestead from Thomas F. McKinney who was one of Austin, Texas's very first settlers who eventually became famous for the race horses he bred.  The land used to be covered by sea but was broken by a volcano called Pilot Knob...I had to look it up because it does look rather odd, like Mars or something looking at some of the formations. 

Have to allow my big brother some privacy, but here are all the pretty wildflowers at the park

I do look rather fetching in the whole Mother Nature gig if I do say so myself!
My "give them the pensive look".
Upper Falls 

Me and my big bro...Ma wouldn't allow us to show you my hidden beer...
We're ruff men folk so this was no Folgers Coffee moment! :)

Showing my big Brother how brave I am and fearless!
Hey Ma...cute little dog here....HELLLLLOO!!!!!
Ok, Ma, scenery...we GET it...I'm STILL sitting here...HELLLOOO!!!!!!
Really Ma? Cactus when you have WHO standing RIGHT HERE beside you?!!!! REALLY?!?!?!
Ok, THAT'S better...look at me, look at me...I just landed on the MOON!
This action shot is just for you Sugar...Ma just keeps on trying to get me off all fours
like that cool photo of you Sugar with your nifty purple heels....ha!
Sugar you are still the QUEEN...see I sneaked 1 paw down just for you...I think you're really cute Sugar...
Crap...I think Chloe might read my blog...hit DELETE Ma! Quick!!!

And Now for the SHOCKER....Max REALLY got his paws WET...this is NOT Trick Photography folks!!! Guess he needed the confidence of his big brother!
Yep, that's right...who's the Tuff Bro now?!!! I got what???
That's right MY FEET ARE WET!!!
(Gotta show off to my Brother ya know and show him whose REALLY King of this house!
Ma? You ok? You look a little shocked!!!
This is NOT an illusion!!! Too bad we didn't take a picture of Ma's face of absolute shock!!!
No folks, no stunt double used here...just me the Brave Warrior of McKinney Falls State Park!
Sshhh...no trunks on either :) ...give the lady pups a thrill I thought..what the heck!
Ok, Ma...NOT going THAT crazy as those kids!
Looks like we left the park just in time!!!
See the size of that Chihuahua Eating Flying Creature?!!
Bye Park...
Even the Water Tower's liked me on the way home and smiled bye at me...a peanut butter treat would have been a nicer touch though Mr. Water Tower!

P.S.   Because Ma likes my big Brother, she won't show the photos of him dangerously jumping over rocks he shouldn't have and then falling in the deep ravine when jumping back over, once Ma knew he was ok, she was laughing really hard and making the clicker on her camera burn up! She calls those her special blackmailing photos but she felt a wee bit bad when she saw the huge scrapes on his sides...well, not THAT bad....not enough to delete them! (NOTE: No dogs were hurt in the making of this blog post...humans...well...ha ha ha!)

Have a Beautiful Park Day!!!
Thank you Gizmo and Finn for a great I HIKED FOR PARK DAY!!!

Can't forget..while we did I HIKED FOR PARK DAY that it's also FitDog Friday...gotta stay (or GET ha!) Fit for FitDog Friday! With Peggy's Pet Place and SlimDoggy

We HAD to join Badger Boos Daft Adventures SMILE IT'S FRIDAY TOO! Because Max swimming sure made this Ma smile big as day!!!