Friday, February 3, 2017

It's been a LOOOOOONG time!

Sometimes life happens and it did.  I chose to stop blogging and take care of some other things.  But, I'm baaaaack with a new blog...please check out Houston Photo Journey -  Max is doing great!!! We continue to go on adventures together and he's my buddy for life!! Thank you to all of you for your support in this blog and hopefully with the new one (which of course Max will be a part of!!).
Max's Ma

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!!

Thanks to all those past and present
that serve our great country
and to their families!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Took the day off so I could do last minute cleaning which I have badly let go since I don't have a lot of free time and I paid for that today running around trying to nicen (yes, I know, it's not a real word but I think it should be!) things up for my daughter-in-law who will be arriving from Australia in about 1 1/2 hours!!! Yea!!
Probably won't be on here much over the next few days either as I need to be a proper hostess, etc. so forgive me if I don't stop by your blogs either for a little while until we all sort of get adjusted to the newest living arangements and all of our schedules :).
Max is showing what I feel like about now too! :) 

Have a beautiful today!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I was good at the vets!

Guess who was a good boy at the Vets and had a great check-up??? Then what else? That shirt I put back at PetSmart a while back because it was too much $$...well, went there today after the Vets and there was 1 medium only and it was 50% off....yep, Ma's a sucker :) I was soooo proud of was shot time, nose drops, weigh-in, etc., time and Max was a trooper and even wagged his tail during the shots but those nose drops...nope...let's not push it Ms. Vet Lady!!! Oh and his cell# was almost rubbed off his tags so he got new tags too! 
Tummy rub please!

I've got some legs huh?!

I think this is my best 'bout you Ma??

Well, maybe the whole face is better right Ma?!
Have a beautiful today and hope ya get some good sales, find money on the street, or hit the lotto today!!! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Monday! Let's Get this Party Started!

I took a day off work on Friday and spent Friday-Sunday taking care of my Dad so my sister could get a little break and spend a nice weekend with her family at the Guadalupe River. It was nice spending the time with Dad and cooking him breakfast followed by the requested ice cream. Hey at 83 and with all his ailments, if he want ice cream after breakfast, that's fine with me! That said, I never left the house so here's what photo's I mustered up :)
A friendly little visitor to my sister's backyard

A very proud little Max after FLYING down my sisters stairs - that was lots of fun apparently to run up and down the stairs!

Bella could care less about Max!

This guy tried to be a bully but was quite unsuccessful 

Who you talking to?!

My sister must have just gotten this sign as it wasn't hung up yet - love it!

Would love to be able to talk to Max and ask him what he's thinking about sometimes!!

Who me? I didn't just mess up that blanket you just folded...I simply folded it BETTER!

Have a beautiful today and appreciate those priceless stories from your elders - lots of special gifts there!
P.S. Molly brought up an interesting thing that I've been thinking about...when I reply to your posts here on Max's blog, do you honestly go back and read them or would it just be better to reply back to you when I comment on your blog to make it easier? I'm thinking maybe the latter is the way to go as the only time I ever get notification when I get a comment on someone else's blog is on Roxy and Torrey's blog I get an email which is cool but I'm just not that savvy and thought maybe it would be better to reply back to any of your comments on your blog - make sense? Thoughts?

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Did Ma Really Just Do That? She's SOOOO Embarrasing!

Well, by now you know that I have no shame and will do about anything....that said, I saw these beautiful flowers in someones front yard while I was with Max and my son and decided to snap away...Max and my son were equally embarrassed...well, my son is used to me so it didn't phase him much, but Max was a bit embarrassed....he'll learn to get over it though with me as his Ma :)  - I thought they were way to pretty not to be shared!! That's what they are there for right?!?!

Daisy!!! Yea...Ann, that's the only one I know...anyone else wanna help Ann tell me what they are?

Gosh Ma, really?! You are going to have to at LEAST get me a fake mustache if you are going to behave like this!! What if somepup I know saw us?! Ma!!! I really need to give Molly The Wally. The Little Dog With A Blog a ring and see if she can help me with some disguises when I'm out with you Ma! Molly???? HELLLLLLP!

Surely all of you out in the blogosphere know Molly, but if for any reason you don' HAVE to go pay her a visit and get your laugh fix!

Have a beautiful today even if your pawrents are embarrassing to be seen with! 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

George Bush Hike and Bike Trails

Continuing on the weekend before lasts journey.....Friday-Sunday I'm taking care of Dad so my sis can get the heck outta dodge and go enjoy a river house with all of her family.
This is over at the George Bush Hike and Bike Trails which to be honest, I never knew even existed until recently and it's pretty nice!
  • This is actually part of the damn area around the park to help prevent flooding.

Up and over the hill are the trails and the wetland area

By the time I got back over the hill I was about ready to get in water like this guy...just not this water :)

Glad I decided to leave Max at home because it was really too hot for me and I over did it and was wiped out from the heat!

Ok, Ann, you know you are my go-to girl! What is this?!

Not a lake but a wetland area

Keepin' ya busy today Ann! All I know is I like the purple color :)...oh, and that movie "The Color Purple" too :)

Not too sure how far the trails go because it was way too hot to check out much but looks like a winter exploration project :)

It felt a whole lot cooler here by the water and there were lots of birds chirping away!

Gosh, I really don't know idea what the flowers are nor the bird!

Meanwhile, back at the hacienda....there sits Stanley (my, "not my cat", cat that has adopted us I guess at least sometimes and who I nicknamed as Stanley now), awaiting his dinner while lounging in HIS chair.

Max was busy asking Thunder Kitty if he could have this dance once we got home :) . He was inside and dying to go outside when I got home and didn't have to potty or anything...think he just wanted to see his Thunder Kitty :) 

Have a beautiful today and stay cool!