Make a Pups Day-The Citizens For Animal Protection Way!!


Make a pups day...while I'm not wealthy (monetarily that is), I wondered recently since I don't have an abundance of free time, how I could really help and make a difference in pups lives that don't have a furever home....then BAM...I learned that Citizens for Animal Protection allows you to make monthly, reoccurring donations! Now, like I said...not wealthy here in Max-ville but they DO have an "other" button so you can even donate $10 a month!! While that might not initially sound like much, it can sure buy a bag of dog food or over the course of a year think that you've now donated $120!!
But wait folks...that's not all! Oh, and's Tax Deductible!
You think... "I really want to focus on helping dogs in MY community!"
Guess again...some of the pups, (with a little help from their other buddies), are flown here to increase their chance for adoption through various organizations!! Max was a California pup!! No, that's probably no "the norm" but helping is helping period!
It's easy to do too...even Max's Ma figured it out effortlessly!
If us bloggers and blog readers got together all all did it just even for 1 year, think of how our little $10 a month could help these babies get a new "leash on life"!! Of course a one-time $$ is ok too!
LET’S DO THIS and where it reads “dedication” just type the word BLOGGER in all caps and I’ll fill you in on the results to tell you what kind of impact we hadjust total amount, won’t say who donated and how much.
Max says THANKS (
Be The Change You Wish To See In The World AND in a Pups!!!                                 
(REMEMBER to type BLOGGER in all caps in the Dedication Box)
Feel free to visit their site at

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  1. Max and Thunder Kitty say THANKS for helping our buddies!!!


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