Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

My beautiful little girl (she'll always be my "little girl"), getting ready for the Color Me Rad Race! We were all super excited to see her race but unfortunately, no sooner did we get to the parking lot, than her little brother got very sick so the race was off :(  Brother is doing fine now but we have to find another Color Me Rad Race for my daughter.  She was a great sport though and just cared about her brother instead :). She's an amazing daughter!  While brother was comfortably resting at home and starting to feel better, we decided to have Top Shelf Margarita's at Chili's - this was like 11 am! Neither of us usually even drink at all - much less at 11 am!  If you knew us well, that is hilarious in itself! Ruff start to the day! :) 

The day improved though as my son felt better, then my daughter surprised me with tickets to the Deftones (really great floor tickets!)
Got kicked in the side of my head my a crowd surfer but not hard, but that crowd surfer girl  has to be bruised up this morning! Crazy girl! Guess this guy did too.
Concert was great!!! So glad I got to go! Been a LONG time Since I went to a concert! Then going with my daughter just made for a perfect evening! 
Max politely declined the rita's and concert and this morning is wondering
what the Easter Bunny is bringing him!!!
Max:  I can't wait!!! 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Travel the Blogworld World

Here's an older photo I just came across of Max when he and I were cruisin' down Route with my broken knuckles cuz I'm a giant klutz who broke her hand/knuckles only 2 days before having to drive from Houston, Texas to St. Louis, Missouri with Max as my co-pilot to see my son. The trip was nice driving through windy roads but the hand and arm was swollen like a darn balloon and I couldn't take the anti-inflammatory or pain reducing pills cuz I was driving and had my "precious cargo" with me too! We had a great time though and Max was a perfect angel for the whole trip! It was our first big road trip together :). Thanks Roxy The Traveling Dog for the cool Blog Hop! Max likes his new PupSaver Dog Car Seat much better than this one, but this one did the trick at the time. Too bad his dog stroller was too difficult for me to manage because I planned on using it to go to more "people" type of places but we found plenty of beautiful parks along the way instead!!
Fishing Pier in Missouri

Max by the lake at a park in Missouri
Welcome to Oklahoma!
On a different trip but this was too cool not to share!
This is only one of the  carvings at Tree Spirits of St. Simons Georgia.
These were sooo incredible - if you ever have the chance to see them
in person - it's a MUST! Keith Jennings work there is beyond amazing!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Go Astros

This is the face of a Big Houston Astro's Fan...
just not a fan of this hat!

Coach Max is available for Pep Talks
just say the word guys...I'm with ya!
I can be an ...eehhhum...fair Umpire too...
It's fair to support your home team right
and bash the other team right?!
Besides, I do look rather handsome in Umpire clothes!
(Just trying to please to dog ladies here:) )

Have a beautiful today! Goooo Astros!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The New Couch

Thought I'd share a story from about 16 years ago...I was a new employee, only been there a short time and one of the things I did, was go out with the Manager, who is totally the Owner of the company's right-hand man (used for expression, but it was a woman), and buy the Owner a new leather couch for his office. A few days later, still rather sleepy, I was in charge of opening up the office in the morning...imagine my surprise when after I had already made the coffee and went to turn on the light in the Owner's office and see not one but, TWO HUGE pit bulls laying casually (and drooling) on the Owners new leather couch! Then slowly, they both got off the couch and greeted me. I could only assume they were the owners pups and they were going to visit for the day, so after playing with them a while I went back to my desk to work. Some time later, I was busy when the Owner came in, got his coffee, went into his office and shouts (in somewhat of a resigned sounding voice)... are these two yours? No, I tell him, they were here when I got here this morning! Just as I am about to say more, he shakes his head...I guess we're finding them your Boss and ask her where their food is? (Yep, he knew her Manager had found these two homeless dogs the night before and had plans so she dropped them both at the office, we later found where she had placed their food and water and when she came in that day she said upon arrival "Oh, sorry I forgot to tell you, but you said you loved animals so I figured you wouldn't care", and "he (Owner) is just going to have to deal with it...he knows how I am".  That couch became there home for the next 3 days until we found them a good home! I still work for the two of them but at a different company he owns and she is still my boss who has since found many good homes for various cats and dogs :).  At this particular company we now all work at together, we work with lots of special need kiddos so we unfortunately are not allowed to have animals at work for a variety of reasons so instead it becomes a "they're in my car and come see them and let's get on the phones now to network to find them homes" or "they're at my house...look at my cell phone picture", then quickly, luckily most have new parents within hours or one of us is leaving and taking them home until they do have good homes. I like my job :). That's also how I ended up with my old cat Ney-Ney years ago on July 4th after a panicked call from my Manager (and now good friend), on her way out of town calling me from the vets office and begging me to take this poor homeless baby that had been severely injured that I'd need to apply meds to every three hours, etc. - I had Ney-Ney for years and she was a little "off" (well, ok...a lot off - head injury), but the best cat ever!!!
Can I leave you without a picture of the STAR of this blog??? No way...he wouldn't speak to me for days!!!....Heeeeere's Max....

Thunder Kitty (Max's bodyguard) had just let Max know that particular
area of sun was HER spot....poor Max!

Have a beautiful today!!

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it's easy! Click Here to Vote!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You pick the caption

This is my handsome little Max in his favorite brown, hooded bathrobe that I got at Ross on clearance.
Thought the photo was pretty funny and wanted to see what you guys thought the caption for this photo should be??? Let's see if ya'll are as warped as me :) 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Catching up on my reading

Max:   Ma....MA...eehumm...MAAAAA...I'm bored!
Me:   How about reading a good book?

Max:  But're hogging the book I wanna read!!! And why can't I have my OWN Kindle?! 
Me:  Max you'll just have to wait for your turn!
But you're really gonna LOVE  Jackie Bouchard's book!
PLUS the writer is pretty darn even says this on her website:
 10% of proceeds on print sales goes to Best Friends Animal Society! Buy a book, have a laugh, help a pet in need!
Max:  That's definitely MY type of Human!!! Oh, AND she writes about Dogs?! Liking this human more and more by the minute!!!
Me:  Me too Max!! You can even get a signed book if you buy the book through her website (hint, hint for Ma's Christmas Gift Max!). Ma's always running around like a nut though so that's why she got the Kindle Version (4.5 Stars rating at Amazon), so she could read it on her iPhone and Kindle. 
Max:  Oh, in case any of you are wondering if Ma was paid to write any of this or if Ms. Bouchard even knows about this post at all, the answer is no. Ma would just not say anything if she didn't really like it..."if ya can't say something nice...don't say anything at all" (Yes, Ma you've drilled that into my brain), so yep, this is just an old fashion, honest review...Ma says BUY this book! It's got this cool blend going of funny, with some serious life events but ones that aren't over-played, has a pup we can all relate too and a lot of fun, love interests and intrigue that makes the reader want to flip the next page (or push the next button if you're a Kindler like me), it's a great read with very believable, "real people" sort of characters! We hope she does a sequel to see what happens next! Since Ma isn't a great book summarizer (and that's not even a real word) she cheated and copied this from Amazon....
Copied from Amazon:

Book Description

 March 18, 2012
The vet handed Maggie Baxter a plastic specimen bag containing a pair of size-tiny lavender thong panties extracted from her dog; but they were not hers. Or rather, they were hers now since she'd just paid $734 to have Dr. Carter surgically remove them from Kona's gut.

This is how Maggie Baxter, a practical, rule-following accountant, discovers that her husband of seventeen years is cheating on her. All her meticulous life plans are crushed. When he leaves her for the other woman, Maggie and her the-world-is-my-smorgasbord chocolate Lab, Kona, are left to put their lives back together. As Maggie begins to develop a Plan B for her life, she decides to be more like Kona. No, she's not going to sniff crotches and eat everything that isn't nailed down; rather she'll try to approach life with more ball-chasing abandon. Finding herself in situations where she begins to go through her usual over-analysis of the pros and cons, she stops and instead asks herself: What would Kona do? With Kona as her guru, Maggie begins her quest for tail-wagging joy.

"What the Dog Ate" is a funny, tender story of mending a broken heart and finding love and a new life right under your nose, with woman's best friend at your side. If you enjoyed Claire Cook's "Must Love Dogs" or Lolly Winston's "Good Grief," you'll love "What the Dog Ate" and be rooting for Maggie and Kona.

(Ma agreed with this Reviewer too)...
From an Amazon Reviewer:

5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it! May 23, 2012
By KViz
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
There are so many books to read that drain the energy from your soul...this book puts all the energy back!!! A real-life difficult situation is treated with wisdom and humor...and put into perspective by the love of a great dog. Fabulous summer read when you want drama...but drama that lifts your spirit. I loved this feel-good book and recommend it highly!
Max:  Hey Ma...are you seriously forgetting a picture of ME today? WTD?!?
Me:  Of course not Max, since I couldn't take your picture with MY book because it's on my Kindle, how about we take one of the book you're reading? Then once you're done, I have good news....Ma finished reading What The Dog Ate so it's all yours to enjoy!
Max:  Ok, well Ma also recommended Harlan Coben so I guess I'll trust Ma (since she has good taste in books) and often buys Harlan Coben and gets his books on Kindle too, and read this book while I wait.  Ma's read all of his books but this one is my first by him! Grandpa got Ma hooked on him, Grandpa has good book recommendations too! Can't wait though to get my paws on Ma's book...she SHOULD have let ME read it first since it is about my kind!! Urr...Moms!!

Have a beautiful today! Stay book thirsty my friends!

????Question of The Day????
????What's your favorite book and author????
???If you wrote a book about your pup, what might the title be???

Monday, March 25, 2013

What I think of Monday's

Me and Ma agree...this is what we think of Monday's!!!!

Max's thoughts...(Max's Ma is merely the typist)...
1.  Shouldn't Ma be wealthy and not have to work so she could use her time more by instead fawning over me ALL day?! (Bill Gates....this is a hint...come on...I NEED more petting time!! Just give Ma a few Million and we are good to go!)
2.  Since Ma does have to go to this place humans call work...shouldn't Monday be considered part of the weekend...I mean...what's one more measly day to add to the weekend?
3.  Same thing about Friday''s soooo close to Saturday...just seems to me that it's only logical that should qualify for weekend!
4.  Ok, so if I, Max, Ruler of The Universe, was Boss of these "workers" I would declare Mondays and Fridays "official days off as part of the weekend" and then on Tuesdays declare that all "workers" MUST have donuts and coffee waiting for them on their desks upon arrival...oh and by the way, since it IS Tuesday at that point, they should arrive 2 hours later than the rest of the work week...those humans need their sleep and us PUPS need 2 hours more of petting time right?!
5.  So want me as Ruler of The Universe and Boss of All Workers? Yep, that's what I'm thinking!! :)

Actually I can't complain, I am lucky in that I love my job but it would be nice to sleep a bit later and have more time off but ya can't have it all :)...
Have a beautiful today!

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Aussie Treats

As ya know, my son is home from Australia....YEA!!! It's been 6 months since I've seen him and even longer since I've seen his wonderful Aussie bride but she'll be here soon too...double YEA!!! She picked me out this perfect coffee cup and sent it over with my son for me!! I also got an cool picture frame that displays pictures from a camera card disk but they have "wonky" plugs there so I need to get a compatible plug for it today to see what she put on it for me! Can't wait to see! Then they gave me some really fantastic soaps, shower gel, bath scrub, and bath jelly from a company named Lush in Canterbury, NSW, Australia and wow are their products great!!!! I could just smell that soap forever-yum! (she's gonna HAVE to bring more when she comes over!!),  I thought me and my daughter might have to duke it out thought over the coffee mug-just cuz I'm older doesn't mean I can't still whoop her! :) What did they bring over for my daughter that SHE requested???? (WARNING...May not be suitable for young viewers)....
Yes folks, it IS what you think...guess Kangaroo's have to get snipped too! Thankfully I got the cup!!! :)! My son knows how much of a sentimental mush Ma I am and also found this hand-crack turned music box that plays "You are my Sunshine" (that's our song). kiddos know me so well :) 
Max needs a Bowl That Says
Keep Calm and Give Me A Peanut Butter Treat For Dessert...or Else!!!
He's pretty ferocious looking when he wants a treat! :)

Have a beautiful today!!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Another Male....But You Like Me More Right Ma... and Ma Has a Question

This was the face I got when I told Max he wasn't going
to be the only male in the house now that my Son was
coming home from Australia....
Max:  WHAT? But I'M your BOY?!!

This "other male"
(I am REFUSING to give this "other inferior male", a name!)
even brought MORE human stuff into the house....
not exactly "winning me over" here...
No treats for his Landlord and Ruler of this home?!
Hummm...he brought MA stuff...he brought SISTER stuff...
I see he likes Milano cookies
that Ma won't let ME eat but she lets "the other male"?!
Ma says maybe if I try to make friends he'll surprise me...
well, worth a shot I guess....
Yep, he MUST be Ma's bloodline...
he gave me a Peanut Butter Treat!
Ok, might have to think about naming this human after all!

???????????????QUESTION TIME????????????????
Max's Ma has a question...
1.  What do you feed your pups
(brand, etc.-specific-recommendations pretty please)
2  What is your pups favorite treat???????????????

Have a beautiful day!

Friday, March 22, 2013

A Hopeful Max

I heard a rumor that a bunny will be visiting our house soon...
and that the bunny brings treats to little kids and pups like ME!!!!
I wonder what I'll get from this wonderful bunny...
can I put in a request I wonder???

Ma...hey...MA?? Do you think it's time for a manly pawdacure?
I don't want the Easter Bunny to not come to the house
because he heard about my nails looking ruff!
Gosh, the excitement is just killing me!!!
Think he'll like my Easter suit?
Maybe if I make an adorable face I'll get more goodies!!!
What  do ya think Ma?!?
This adorable enough?
How about now??
See's my bunny ears look!!!

Have a beautiful today!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Last Day to Enter for Treat Giveaway and Great People of The World

Reminder: Today is the last day to enter the 2 Bags of Treats contest....all you have to do is go here and put MY PUP WANTS TREATS in the comment area and need to have a US mailing address for Meredith to be able to mail you the prize if you win :)

And now for...

Great People in The World....
As ya'll know, I recently had an Irish Pup Photo contest and the winner was Harley and Gibson of Five Sibes, I emailed asking for her (didn't know if  she would be ok with me saying her first name so I'll be respectful and not say it since I don't see it publicly listed on her blog), mailing address for the $25 Visa Gift Card and wanted to forward the proof of my $5 donation to Citizens For Animal Protection in Harley and Gibson's honor since that was also part of the prize package.  She emailed me back asking that I  instead, give the $25 to Citizens For Animal Protection!!! I tell ya, I just wanted to cry when I read that!!! Trust me that I did so right away and also forwarded the proof of her donation to her and I KNOW that Citizens For Animal Protection will for sure use the money wisely - they are a wonderful group of people who truly love animals!!! You know, we read about hate crimes, murder, robberies and all this doom and gloom in the newspapers, see it on tv, etc. but the REAL hero's of today are people like her! She has no clue I am going to post this, nor that ANYONE will ever know her "random act of kindness" - she just is obviously a wonderful, kind-hearted person that did something WAY more important than the actual $25 to me anyway...she is a great example of Great People in The World that do nice things without ever receiving any recognition! I could also say the same thing of the other entries Mom, Tina....I had ZERO clue what on earth I was doing (yep, still don't obviously claim to know a whole lot, but...) with this whole Blog thing and I reached out to Tina of Park Avenue Chihuahua who WAY more than answered my questions, (Thank goodness for Tina!!),...she gently offered help to pretty-up my blog and places to go for buttons, design, told me to Blog Hop and really invested a lot of her time helping me-she's super sweet too!!! No pay off in any way other than my gratitude for her help and now friendship too :). The same can be said about Jackie at Pooch Smooches  and her help! I just sat here thinking today what I could post and it hit me like a ton of today about all the WONDERFUL people that are out there doing nice, kind things EVERY single day that probably won't make any headlines in the news ever or ever have their kindness stories told.  It's these gestures that really make life great and these people that I want to surround myself with...the heck with the ugly news and gossip...give me THIS kind of news any day!!! This is just a little example of some of the great people I believe are out there and today I just wanted to say THANKS and focus on those of you that are like these folks!!! Thank you all for giving me a beautiful today!! :) 
Ok, wait a minute here...Max...well, he IS part of the gig here right?!....
Wake Me Up When Ya Wanna Talk About...ME, ME, ME!!!
(Ok, clearly Max didn't read the blog today) : )...

but then again...that angelic face he gives me...maybe he did after all :) 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Saint Patti Marie

Wishing to say my deepest of sympathies to my wonderful virtual buddy and one of the first bloggers and kindest ladies I ever met here, Tina and her husband over at Park Avenue Chihuahua along with her  pup buddies, D'Angelo, Sadie Samara and Macy Gray for the loss of your Saint Patti Marie.  I was so saddened to hear the news.  Please know my heart goes out to you all and you're in my prayers.
Me and Max

PS Comments have been disabled for this post

Pack Love

Hi, Max got his invite for Pack yesterday! Sound like a really cool site! Here's Max's link  on Pack so please be sure to check out the beta site and click on the heart there to show my little Max some love! I already saw Sugar and Goose over there! Yea! So be sure to heart them too...cuz they're one of us guys too! So for those of you who know a little about Pack, what are you thinking? Is this going to blow-up big? I do! For those of you who are on Pack, please comment below with the link to you so we can all go and see each other there too and heart each other! There are already quite a few pups over there - sometimes I just love technology!!!

Can't wait til PACK officially opens it's doors!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What did you WANT and what did you GET

Just sitting here thinking of my perfect little Max and wondering about ya'lls story. A little over a year ago I started just THINKING only about getting another dog after my pup of 16 years, Zaya, had been gone for quite some time. Did I REALLY want to put myself through that pain again? Then I found this unrecognized breed of a dog and be darn if I can remember it now if my life depended on it, but it was a small dog and sort of known for bouncing almost rather than walking and it was so fluffy and cute and there were for sure 2 breeders in Texas but they were like $300-500 and then I kinda wondered if I wanted to do that when there are so many homeless pets, etc. but I really liked how these dogs looked and they were cute to watch on the video (Urr, why can't I remember!!! But I DO recall that they are still an unrecognized breed).  Then of course I went to get the cheap cat carrier at Citizen's For Animal Protection's Thrift Store so I could get the cat I was watching for a week (ha...NOT...and surprise...pregnant...which ended up now being Thunder Kitty, so after she gave birth, I could get her spayed once I found good homes for the babies) and that is were I saw Max for the first time, etc. Anyway, the question is this...I was NOT getting another dog at that time, nor was I certainly getting another male dog after the nightmares I endured while trying to train my other pup Zaya. Plus, remember, I wanted this cute, fluffy, bouncy dog....yea, I KNEW it would come to's called a Mi-Ki (here are some pix of what a Mi-Ki looks like) What I got instead was that pull on my heart that I repeatedly tried to deny, that was Max,....the non-fluffy (and that is an understatement as he's almost hairless on his neck and tummy), male (well, without "all" the male-ness:), long, skinny-legged, non-bouncy pup with the stereo-typical potential as a Chihuahua mix to be a yappy dog (which I also didn't want)! Basically, Max was pretty much everything I thought I didn't "want" in a dog! Sooo beyond happy I listened to my heart and soul instead of the vision I had of what I "thought" I wanted! I can't imagine my life without my BFF, Max!!! He is TEN times, heck, a THOUSAND times better than any bouncy, fluffy, female dog I could ever possibly imagine and pretty much came housebroken, non of that male peeing thing was EVER a problem, he's like a miniature deer that doesn't live in the forest, never barks (and when he has, on VERY rare occasions it's a riot!), now he DOES shed EVERYWHERE and I am furever covered in his dog-hair and wear it like a badge of honor!!!! Has this happened to any of you? I'm real curious of how you all ended up with the pups you have now and did you follow through with getting what you set out to get in a pup or what? I'm personally, a big believer in you end up with what was right for you no matter what, but just really got to thinking about it and wanted to know if what you WANTED (thought you wanted maybe is a better way to put it) is what you left with? I for once, was soooo happy I was soooo wrong!!! I have never been this close to a dog in my life (yes, of course I loved my other pups in the past dearly and miss them very much, don't misunderstand that, remember I was so crushed after losing Zaya I didn't know if I ever even wanted to endure that heartache ever again!), but with Max there is just this amazingly strong connection I can't even put into word if that makes any sense?!  So how about you guys?

Life without THIS face? Are you serious? Of COURSE you left with me !!!! Duh?!
I AM the MAX of your world am I not?!!!!

Me: Of COURSE Max, I just didn't know you yet!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sharing the fun-Hurry though-One ends TODAY

Was just thinking that I know about 2 contests going on right now in pup blogworld and wanted to be sure ya'll knew about both of them because I thought they were both pretty cool when I heard about them...please tell me if you know of others that I don't know about cuz you can tell...I love contests! :) 
PS Sorry for the post overload today but it's one of those exciting days - plus my son is here from Australia but is still sleeping so I'm anxious today and full of restless energy but HAPPY, HAPPY energy!!!! I love my kiddos sooo much so having both kids here right now is such a gift to me!!! Note the 2nd contest listed ends TODAY so hurry and enter!!!

Bunk The Pug's Blog  - It's an Easter Egg Hunting Contest with 35 Prizes! Guess who won on Day 1?
Maybe my luck is changing? First the Three Sister's Plate and now the (I copied and pasted some of this),10 Dogs Rule Calendar Magnets ($4.95 value) from Pet ExpectationsAbout Pet Expectations: Jill is an online retailer who carries a large variety of collars and pet products. She engraves pet tags, and has breed specific items for pet owners. She works from home on an acre of land that she’s managed to fill to the brim with a wide variety of pets which includes chickens, goats a pony, dogs and parrots. 
You can just win once but Max and I love to play so we are playing for fun now! Thanks for the pawsome contest-you can tell that Bunk put a LOT of hard work into this amazing contest!!! Go's fun! And gotta like Jill too as she's "one of us pet lovers" too! :) 

Pooch Smooches is also holding a pawsome contest! But hurry...ends midnight PDT, Monday the 18th!!! TODAY!!! Monday, the 18th is Jackie's book's birthday. What the Dog Ate turns one! So she's having a giveaway to celebrate. (I cheated and copied this, forgive me that considered plagiarism?) (well, it's too cool not to share! and hope it's ok that I did this but I really like the book and love to share a great book with friends)
Here's what all you can win, in a prize package worth over $50!

  • A signed copy of the book (if you've already read it, I'm happy to dedicate it to a friend and you can give it as a gift) (Note: this part ISN'T copied...Max's Ma, yours truly, got the book and is loving it so far!!!)
  • A hand-crafted doggy-themed bookmark (see below)
  • A bag of Fruitables doggy treats, to go with the What the Dog Ate theme, and so you'll have something to share with your best furry pal. (Fruitables have NO wheat, soy, corn or preservatives and are made in the US! Rita loves them!)
  • A $25 gift certificate to Victoria's Secret, in keeping with the first line of What the Dog Ate, which, if you don't know, involves a pair of lavender thong panties. So, you can get your own lavender thong panties - but don't let your dog eat them!

Here's a close up of the bookmark with the cute doggy/"Woof!" charm

You have until midnight PDT, Monday the 18th to enter. I'll use to chose the winning comment number, and I'll announce the winner on the blog on Tuesday, the 19th. You must live in the US to win. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below!

See? Easy-peasy. Of course, it would be great if you could also like my author page on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter, but you don't gotta! Just leave a comment - even just a smiley face to show that you've smiled and are reducing your stress hormones! (And also be sure to leave a way that I can contact you if I don't already know how - you can spell your email: me AT hotmail (or whatever) DOT com to avoid spammers.)

Winner of the Irish Pup Contest Is...

Whoo Hoo....Congrats to Harley and Gibson!!! They are the winners of the St. Pawdy's Day Photo Contest yesterday!!! Congrats!!!  You can get to know them better by visiting their blog Five Sibes - But I sure am glad I wasn't allowed to vote...would have been too hard for me to only pick one of those beautiful pups!!!  I'll have the $25 Visa Gift Card in the mail to you as soon as I get your mailing address!  Citizen's For Animal Protection will have their donation in Harley and Gibson's honor today! Congrats! Thanks to all that made it a fun contest and of course our cuties that entered-love me some Macy Gray, D'Angelo, Patti Marie (aka St. Patti), and Sadie Samara too!!

St. Pawdy's day was AMAZING for me son came home from Australia at 10pm !!! I haven't seen him in 6 months and his wonderful bride will be coming here in another month or so!!! Yea! She's fantastic!!! When I finally saw him after so long, I thought I might knock someone in the baggage claim area out to get to him!!! When my daughter saw him I didn't think she'd ever let that hug stop :)...what a PERFECT day!!! Life doesn't get much better than having both of your kids together and being able to spend time with them!!! I'm one lucky lady!!! We stopped in at Denny's for a quick bite and the waiter must have thought we were crazy with all our picture taking until we told him :)

Hope ya'll have as perfect of a day as I did yesterday and plan on having today!!!

Does it pass the taste test AND FREE Contest

Stick Around...TWO FREE Bags of Treats CONTEST at the END of this post! Super EASY Contest!!!

A lady named Meredith contacted me recently to see if I'd be willing to review Petmatrix SmartChips and SmartSticks. My actual reply to her email was simple, one line only… "Sure, but I will be honest"...that's all I said thinking well, who knows if I'll hear back from her with that kind of reply. She did write back and asked if I'd like to offer 2 bags of these treats in a contest after Max tried them and she said she will NOT pass on the winner's information, just needs only the winner's name and mailing address to send the two free bags to the winner. Ok, fair enough...but only if it passes the Max approval test...and mine of course!
Ok, I read over the package and although I am no ingredients queen of knowledge, I didn't see anything to raise any flags. Good, first pass of the Mom test! So...let's give the SmartChips "made with real Peanut Butter" a whirl. Keep in mind Max NEVER accepts the treats PetsMart gives when you check out and it blows the cashiers minds and sometimes hurts their feelings (sorry), but he IS very picky so I wondered if he'd even try are some photos and if you want to look at the product further, the web is SmartBones.
Look Ma...I've MADE it to the BIG TIME!!!
I'm like an OFFICIAL Pup Taster Now!!
(Don't ya think it's time to discuss an increase in my treat allowance?!)
It's not a toy is it? You KNOW I don't DO Toys!
Humm...smells like Peanut Butter...

(Now Ma did open the bag rather carelessly, but now the seal won't seal on the bag)

(Ma was more careful opening the Chicken SmartSticks and the seal worked fine on that bag)
What's this stuff called again?
Gosh...SOOOO happy it's not another FAILED attempt at a Toy purchase by Ma!
Ok, don't really care if the package doesn't seal that great...
I'm liking this stuff pretty good!
Don't bother me Ma...we have a winner here!
Paw lickin' good! I say this stuff is a keeper!
Ma, let's talk Grocery List!! I totally approve!!

Meredith - Do I like you or should I be mad at you for making me buy more Peanut Butter treats? :) Max says I should like you but there goes my wallet getting skinnier now! :) 

Note:  Sparing you a million more photos regarding the Chicken SmartSticks long story short, Max likes the Peanut Butter treats and gave them 2 paws up! He was not interested in the Chicken SmartSticks, but like I said, he's pretty picky, I DID give one however, to my neighbors pup who chowed down on it immediately so think it's just that Max prefers the Peanut Butter. Sorry but the neighbor's pup isn't getting one of the Peanut Butter treats - Max might disown me!! 
He's such a nutty pup
(I know, I'm so applause necessary,
just throw money at me! or rotten tomatoes more likely)

1.  The leave a comment saying "MY PUP WANTS TREATS", 

2.  I'll tell my Dad the total number of people who commented only but nothing else, will stop the comment entries on Thursday.

3.  He'll pick a number and that person wins! - Gotta get Dad involved right?!

Have to mail to a USA address and I will need to give Meredith the WINNER's name and mailing address so she can send you two free bags of treats and she promised NOT to put you on a mailing list, etc. 

That's it - pretty simple!

Have a beautiful today!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


It's time for the St. Pawdy's Day Contest Voting!!!! 
Please comment by stating which # contestant you are voting to win. 
Please only vote once and only Max's Followers are allowed to vote,
so make it count!!! :)
We have some real cuties!!!! It's gonna be hard to pick just one!!!!
May the luck of the Irish be with you!!!!

Macy Gray
Simpsonville, SC

Simpsonville, SC
Sadie Samara
Simpsonville, SC
Harley and Gibson
Hudson Valley, NY

Patti Marie
Simpsonville, SC

Please vote for your favorite now! There are all super cuties!!! Good luck!!!! The lucky pup will get a $25 Visa Card and $5 donating to Citizens for Animal Protection in their pups honor!
Let the voting begin!!