Saturday, March 23, 2013

Another Male....But You Like Me More Right Ma... and Ma Has a Question

This was the face I got when I told Max he wasn't going
to be the only male in the house now that my Son was
coming home from Australia....
Max:  WHAT? But I'M your BOY?!!

This "other male"
(I am REFUSING to give this "other inferior male", a name!)
even brought MORE human stuff into the house....
not exactly "winning me over" here...
No treats for his Landlord and Ruler of this home?!
Hummm...he brought MA stuff...he brought SISTER stuff...
I see he likes Milano cookies
that Ma won't let ME eat but she lets "the other male"?!
Ma says maybe if I try to make friends he'll surprise me...
well, worth a shot I guess....
Yep, he MUST be Ma's bloodline...
he gave me a Peanut Butter Treat!
Ok, might have to think about naming this human after all!

???????????????QUESTION TIME????????????????
Max's Ma has a question...
1.  What do you feed your pups
(brand, etc.-specific-recommendations pretty please)
2  What is your pups favorite treat???????????????

Have a beautiful day!


  1. I bet you're over the moon that your sons back from Australia. I'm sure Max will warm up to him in no time at all. Max looks like he's unsure of giving your son his paw in the third picture. Hilarious!

    Audi and Beamer are currently on Kirkland Chicken and Rice. It's a good price and the ingredients are pretty good. Chicken as the first ingredient, no wheat, no corn, no soy, no by-products, etc. A huge 40lb bag is like $35 and lasts us two months. I would like to switch the dogs to a much better kibble once I'm working and have a steady income. But for now, the dogs are thriving on it.

    In terms of treats, the dogs get whatever catches my eye and whatever comes in their BarkBox. Right now, the dogs have Charlee Bear, Milk-Bone, Wet Noses, Little Eatz, Feel Good Treats, and Fruitables.

  2. Kat-Yep, I'm pretty much keeping a smile plastered on my face :) Yes, Max was very unsure about this whole other human male being here and was very skeptical about him in that pix, but now just jumps on his lap like he's always been here!
    Thanks for telling me what kind of food...just trying to see what's best for Max by "real" dog lovers and not salespeople :) - it's like information overload sometimes trying to pick the right thing.

  3. YAY! I am glad "the male" had the sense to give you a treat! Now you may like him!
    Dakota has been eating Nutrish by Rachael Ray for YEARS now!
    His all time favorite treats? BONES!!!

    1. Yep, the other inferior male has since won Max over with lots of petting and treats. Thanks for the food recommendation too!

  4. We chihuahuas have ways of winning the humans round, well done Max.
    We get James Wellbeloved lamb and rice kibble with a little boiled chicken for our dinner.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

    1. Do you ever ask yourself WHO is REALLY in charge at your house? :) Thanks for the food idea too!

  5. :-/ Hm...a new man in the house?! I'd be wary too Max (but it's hard to hold a grudge when peanut butter is thrown around!!) it looks like he's pretty nice! Yeah for your Mom though, enjoy the time together!!

    Well, I'm probably the most picky eater that you have ever met! Domeek has tried tons of different hard and tinned food (from super expensive to store brands to homemade) and 9/10 times I refuse to eat a bite! But I've finally given in to Science Diet Small/Toy Breed hard food once a day and then Caesar's for dinner (Domeek is horrified that the dog version of McDonalds is the only thing I enjoy). She hopes that one day I will grow out of my pickiness, so she keeps trying new food.

    How about Max?

    1. Ha,love the McDonalds version! Yep, mine is picky too unless someone else is eating with him, like when we are at Carly's, THEN he is happy to eat her food! Urr!

  6. More peeps to play with and give you treats, what's not to love?

    1. Yep, Mr. Other Inferior Male has become yet another Max devotee :) to add to his list and control his mind :)

  7. How exciting! Another person, and I bet your mom is very happy!

    We feed our dogs, Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream formula (it is salmon based). We also add a dollop of plain yogurt each meal. So many Chessies seem to do well on a fish based diet and ours are no exception. After trying many, many foods, this works for all three. But remember, our dogs are really active so they need a food with higher protein and fat.

    Storm is also getting 2 big ol' milkbone cookies before bed until she has her puppies. She is quite happy about that. :)

  8. did max seem to recognize your son's scent as being family? the very first time bailey met daughter #2, she seemed to know she was family. it's as if she recognized her even though it was their first meeting.

    as for food, bailey eats mostly veggies and fresh cooked chicken. she will get a side of blue buffalo canned food and a sprinkling of orijen dry dog food. i till top if off with some non-fat cottage cheese or shredded cheese (whichever i happen to have on hand).

    for treats i trust zukes brand. she loves the minis and z-fillets. she also likes their z-bones, but i have to cut those up into tiny pieces for her. her jaw strength is, well, there is no jaw strength. BOL. i have to cut most of her foods for her.


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