Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Aussies Are Coming...

Ma is all excited and trying to do what she SHOULD have been doing (eehhh....hum) a bit more the house and getting it ready for my big brother's arrival....he's part Australian now I think, cuz he married a beautiful woman from there. He's been gone a long time!  Maybe his bride will even bring me a Kangaroo when she comes here later on...Ok Ma will settle for some Tim Tams and Vinegar and Salt Chips! Ma loves my new sister-in-law lots and her cute Aussie accent too! She even has a great sense of humor cuz her hubby waited recently until she was sleeping and drew a cat face on her in black marker and said hubby is still:
1. Alive 
2. Has no bruises
Ma might have had me dig a hole in the backyard for him, but my new sis-in-law posted the video to Facebook! She's a real tolerant lady! But...don't and Ma....we'll help her get him back!!!
Ma found this silly Build-A-Bear hat when doing the whole "get ready thing"...I REFUSE to let her ignore me EVER so she decided to "do the right thing" and take a picture of her FAVORITE child in it! ha! (Private joke with my kids)
I hear Pirates of the Caribbean wants to replace
Johnny....duh...I'm your man!!!

Enjoy your weekend friends and hug your pups!


  1. You could definitely be in the Pirates of the Caribbean with that hat - it is our favourite one now!
    You are all going to have such a great time when your big brother and sister in law get there.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

    1. Me and Ma are pretty darn excited to see them both!

  2. Such a cute hat. I wish Beamer had a small noggin for me to put things on. He has a monkey suit though? :P

    1. Monkey Suit and Green beads maybe? I better Beamer is pretty creative!! :)

  3. Daisy Boo would have you over Mr Depp any day Max!

    1. Ma says Daisy has GREAT taste :) :)


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