Monday, March 18, 2013

Does it pass the taste test AND FREE Contest

Stick Around...TWO FREE Bags of Treats CONTEST at the END of this post! Super EASY Contest!!!

A lady named Meredith contacted me recently to see if I'd be willing to review Petmatrix SmartChips and SmartSticks. My actual reply to her email was simple, one line only… "Sure, but I will be honest"...that's all I said thinking well, who knows if I'll hear back from her with that kind of reply. She did write back and asked if I'd like to offer 2 bags of these treats in a contest after Max tried them and she said she will NOT pass on the winner's information, just needs only the winner's name and mailing address to send the two free bags to the winner. Ok, fair enough...but only if it passes the Max approval test...and mine of course!
Ok, I read over the package and although I am no ingredients queen of knowledge, I didn't see anything to raise any flags. Good, first pass of the Mom test! So...let's give the SmartChips "made with real Peanut Butter" a whirl. Keep in mind Max NEVER accepts the treats PetsMart gives when you check out and it blows the cashiers minds and sometimes hurts their feelings (sorry), but he IS very picky so I wondered if he'd even try are some photos and if you want to look at the product further, the web is SmartBones.
Look Ma...I've MADE it to the BIG TIME!!!
I'm like an OFFICIAL Pup Taster Now!!
(Don't ya think it's time to discuss an increase in my treat allowance?!)
It's not a toy is it? You KNOW I don't DO Toys!
Humm...smells like Peanut Butter...

(Now Ma did open the bag rather carelessly, but now the seal won't seal on the bag)

(Ma was more careful opening the Chicken SmartSticks and the seal worked fine on that bag)
What's this stuff called again?
Gosh...SOOOO happy it's not another FAILED attempt at a Toy purchase by Ma!
Ok, don't really care if the package doesn't seal that great...
I'm liking this stuff pretty good!
Don't bother me Ma...we have a winner here!
Paw lickin' good! I say this stuff is a keeper!
Ma, let's talk Grocery List!! I totally approve!!

Meredith - Do I like you or should I be mad at you for making me buy more Peanut Butter treats? :) Max says I should like you but there goes my wallet getting skinnier now! :) 

Note:  Sparing you a million more photos regarding the Chicken SmartSticks long story short, Max likes the Peanut Butter treats and gave them 2 paws up! He was not interested in the Chicken SmartSticks, but like I said, he's pretty picky, I DID give one however, to my neighbors pup who chowed down on it immediately so think it's just that Max prefers the Peanut Butter. Sorry but the neighbor's pup isn't getting one of the Peanut Butter treats - Max might disown me!! 
He's such a nutty pup
(I know, I'm so applause necessary,
just throw money at me! or rotten tomatoes more likely)

1.  The leave a comment saying "MY PUP WANTS TREATS", 

2.  I'll tell my Dad the total number of people who commented only but nothing else, will stop the comment entries on Thursday.

3.  He'll pick a number and that person wins! - Gotta get Dad involved right?!

Have to mail to a USA address and I will need to give Meredith the WINNER's name and mailing address so she can send you two free bags of treats and she promised NOT to put you on a mailing list, etc. 

That's it - pretty simple!

Have a beautiful today!!!


  1. Wow! You are an official taste tester!!! Well done, Max! I am glad you liked some of the treats. BOL
    *high paws*

    1. Max thinks he "all that and a bag of treats" now :) ha! Did ya want to enter?

  2. My guys aren't even remotely picky...they're corgis after all....I know they would like them so please throw my name in the hat.

    1. You got it! Max is soooo ridiculous that when my son came home last night (keep in mind my son is 6'4"), Max was a bit skittish around him so even when he tried giving Max one of his favorite treats, Max ignored it and him entirely until he left the room, then he gobbled it up! He'll be in his lap I am sureby today!

  3. Please don't enter us because Dakota has tried these before...I think for a small dog these are good but for medium to larger size dogs I was leery (possible choking hazard)
    That being said, Dakota LOVES SMART BONES!

    1. You got it, I never tried the Smart Bones so have to check that out too...sounds like a Carly gift to me :)

  4. Aww boo. I'm Canadian. Good luck to all the entrants!

    1. Bummer, so what Beamer and Audi favorite Canadian treat?

    2. I make their own treats. I actually have a small treat business, but that's on hold right now to focus on school.

      And I do believe we will be stopping by Houston, Texas during our road trip! Our friends told us to stop by New Orleans and to watch out for our diet because the food there is phenomenal.

    3. Oh HAVE to do New Orleans!!!I LOVE it there!!!Ok, this is gonna sound super gross but you HAVE to go to Yo Mama's Bar and Grill at 727 St. Peter St, New Orleans, LA 70116 in the French Quarter(504) 522-1125 the cook is AWESOME and you HAVE to eat the peanut butter bacon burger! I was just tipsy enough to try it and it is agreed that it is the BEST burger my daughter and I EVER ate...just get past the mental thing and try it and you'll LOVE it!!! I wish I could remember the cook's name because he even came out and sat with my daughter and I and was great! It's this total hole in the wall place but PROMISE me you won't miss out on that!!! Oh, and go to the Ladies Room while you're there...that's all I'm gonna say but another MUST! :) Trust me! :) Cafe Du Monde is another MUST for the Beignets and Cafe au Lait and try to get there early to sit closest to the street on the patio to hear the performers and people watch-you won't be sorry! Oh but I do love New Orleans!!!

    4. Haha we were told to try the French doughnuts by several people (beignets). I can't wait for our road trip. Totally gonna shake my goods for some beads, LOL. Just kidding :)

      I'll definitely let you know when we stop by Houston, too! :D

    5. Ha...what happens in New Orleans...stays in New Orleans :) Yes, please tell me when you're here!

  5. My pup wants treats - I am the pup and I do want treats, never had that kind before! How lucky you are to get to test them out!

    1. Max REALLY loves the Peanut Butter ones!!! Have to say I was a little surprised he didn't care for the chicken because he loves his chicken and rice but then again, Max is SUPER picky and maybe all this time I thought he loved chicken...maybe it's the rice! He does always nibble at the rice first..humm will have to check into that and see what he does with only chicken?!
      Thanks for stopping over Emma and will enter ya! Good luck!

    2. PS I LOVE your blog and am sooo green with envy of the pix!!!


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