Friday, May 31, 2013

What has 4 wheels and moves fast? Not this chick...unless in my Honda!!

Another of our mini-fun times from the weekend before last, this is the Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark

Opened in June 2008 and is around 40,000 sq. ft.  and it's free! Helmets are required but not padding...are they crazy or what? Pad me up!!! Well, not to worry as this chick won't be skateboarding :). Max was more interested in what was there nearby to pee on :) 
Oh, I sooo could have done that! (Not!)

Yep, it's just outside of downtown. It's very clean and well maintained.

Across the street and down some stairs is the Buffalo Bayou Walk - North Trail, also where you can launch a canoe (but I'd be scared of that nasty water and tipping over!)

I wished I had a video of this little pup who came running - almost flying over to see Max like Max was a long lost friend!

What's next Ma...what's next?!

Come on pokey Brother...let's get this party started already!!!
(Ok, so you can't tell from the photos but it was like a tra-zillion degrees outside so we had to take hydration breaks in the car with the a/c running so Max wouldn't overheat!)
With that we'll call it and end for today's mini-adventure in the life of Max :) ... until next time...

Have a beautiful Friday!!! Whoo Hoo!! It's the WEEKEND at last!
It's also time for K9 Kamp put on by the awesome Kol's Notes and Peggy's Pet Place so since the above pix were from the weekend before last, Ma didn't wanna cheat so we got up early and walked about the subdivision but without the Ma! We don't think we'll do that again as some pups are roaming without leashes and seem a bit aggressive...well, watching Dad all weekend so we'll have to get creative since we can't leave the casa :)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Max is on the go and Ma's playing "matchmaker"

The weekend before last, we went on lots of our little mini-adventures....
Like my new ride?
Just kidding - it was parked across the street from the "Beer Can House"

It took a REALLY long time for my son and Max to drink all this beer :) ....kidding!!!
It's the work of John Milkovisch and an estimated 50,000+ beers cans that create the beer can house.

That's a LOT of beer tops and it sounds super cool whenever it rains too!

An interesting mural near our next stop

Hey, Easy...I hear she's single :) 
Don't worry Easy, he says they're "just friends" :) 
Have a beautiful today and remember Easy does it out there in this heat with your pups! 
(I know, I know...Don't Quit My Day Job right!?!)
Seriously though, if you happen by strange chance not to know Easy, I highly recommend visiting his blog! 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Well, life is never dull around here! My son knows I am trying to find things to photograph to learn this camera better so he came up with something pretty cool out of our backyard!
Pretty sure Max wouldn't be too happy to share our home with this guy...sorry pal, gotta stay outside :)
This place has been here forever and sell all sorts of stuff!
It really is an old fashion Feed Store just outside of downtown Houston!
Look to the left, top shelf and you'll even see "day of the dead" statues

More stuff....I don't really know a lot about the Day of The Dead Celebration though.
Rooster or Hen?
My son now wants a duck! Not today dude!
Max sorta wants a duck buddy too! He really liked him and the duck wanted to be buddies too!
Say bye to the ducky Son and Max!

Have a beautiful today full of fun adventure!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Temptation Was Too Much

Ok, so after seeing the James Turrell, Skyspace, Twilight Epiphany at Rice University last weekend, that has lights at night, the temptation was too great...we had to see it for ourselves. I have to say that I was a little bummed as there was no accompanying music, but it was pretty zen and cool to view.  My son soon discovered, it was more pretty to see from outside of it! No pets allowed inside, but next time since now we know what we're doing we could take Max outside to see it! There is also a Shepherd School of Music there that performs free and we met a lovely gentleman named Enoch that showed us around and was there for religious studies before he'll head back to Nigeria where he is from. He was also kind enough to show us this pretty piece by Jaume Plensa, Mirror but I thought it was really odd that this morning I was catching up on my blog reading and What Remains Now has posted another piece very similar by the same Artist! Weird!
My son took this pix by actually laying in the floor of the Skyspace and looking up, the blue is the actual sky!

That same fountain from yesterday's post with the pretty lights now :) 

I think my son was right...very nice from the outside and all of these are his shots

A nearby building with cool light on top too! Kinda a trippy night :) 

Jaume Plensa, Mirror (about 12 feet high)

My son took this one so you can see the detail

Of course we can't forget about the STAR...Max NEVER digs in the yard but he did today...rather frantically!

This was sorta bittersweet...Max had dug up an old bone that my old pup Zaya had buried long ago. Sorta felt like Zaya was there with us for a minute and offering to share with Max :). Stranger still that Max would dig for it as he doesn't really care for this kind of bone particularly :) 

Max has his own unique way of posing eating bones :) - Gotta love Max!
Have a beautiful today full of bright lights and hidden surprises!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Rice Anyone?

Still talking about last weekend, but it was getting WAY to darn hot to take Max out with us, so while we were out and about in the unbearable heat...what was Max doing???

Laughing at us ridiculous fools while he soaked up the wonderful air conditioning!

All around the prettier landmarks of Houston you'll see girls in Prom or Quinceanera Dresses getting photos, if you've never attended a Quinceanera you are missing out!
One of three pretty fountains by Hermann Park

My son liked this Texas sized limo :)

And here we are visiting Rice University...nope, neither of my kiddos went there :), great grades and lots of $$$ to go here for sure!

The entrance to Rice....

I think I like the fish-eye effect better! 

All of the streets inside the campus are like this! Sooo nice in Houston summer weather!!!

This is really what my son and I came to check out on the Rice's called the James Turrell Skyspace, and is the big draw there in the evening-this does interesting and zen like light effects. I think we will be going to check it out soon! Looks pretty cool!

It was hard to try to show the structure but ...

Here you can see top to bottom but not the seats :(

Lot's of cute area's for the students to study!

Loved this fountain!

Just Hallways

A view from the 3rd floor, it's another pretty fountain

My son took this cool pix :)

After my son had gone to the Men's room he told me about this particular spot that has a shade you can open to see the outside and I thought it was kinda funny so I made him go take a photo!

There is also plenty of pretty sculptures around!
We came back from our little trip looking a literal hot-mess so Max was STILL laughing but harder now, once we returned!
Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and keep those pups out of the miserable heat and laughing at you for being in it!