Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dog Park on Friday Night

We tried cramming as much as we could into our Friday night off after work last week so after the big park, we went to the City of Katy Dog Park again...we like it there and the pups there are all really friendly and all seem to have grown up there!

You know what this post is just SCREAMING for right?!!

Hey Buddy, why aren't you over here on the "COOL PUP SIDE" of the fence?! Guess your pawrents thing maybe I'm too scary lookin' for you to hang out with...I know, I know...I have been working out and all but I promise I won't hurt you!!! I'm a lover, not a fighter!

All this running around from park to park has me a little thirsty...what? No Dom Perignon?! Jeez...guess I'll suffer in silence!

Better patrol the perimeter to be sure no one gets Ma!

Humm...looks like a post but it's bark-scented?! Perhaps it needs the old Max blessing?!

Hey you....Mr. Birdie....bet you won't talk that smack to me down here on the ground will ya?! Uh hum...that's what I thought! Aw, you know I'm just teasin' ya Mr. Birdie, but maybe you can teach me how to fly! Then we could both hang out up there in the trees!!! Come on!!! Teach me Mr. Birdie ok???

What U talking 'Bout Willis?! Naw, I don't have wings but I can run fast!!!

Hey Ma...Hey Ma...look more big pups whose pawrents must be scared of me!!! Gosh, maybe I look like the incredible Hulk now or something? Think I over did my workouts Ma? All of them are scared to come to the Cool Dog Section of the Park...gosh, maybe I need to look less tough and intimidating?!

Watch me run Ma...Ma...Ma...MAAAAA...look at me...look at me...I might FLY soon if I get enough speed going!!! Mr. Birdie said to run fast as I can!

Almost airborne Ma!!! See! See!!! Look at me!!!

Two paws off the ground Ma...look...only two more left!!! Then I'll be flying!!!
(This flight was interrupted by a new friend....)

Aw, Mr. Floppy Ears...I PROMISE I won't hurt you!!! Come to the Cool Pup Area....pleeeeease!!!

They said WHAT? No WAY!!! You are KIDDING me right?!!

Mr. Big Pup heard it too???!!!

Dude...that's what Mr. Floppy Ears Pup said you'd say....Whoa...I promise, I'm not!!!!!!

Mr. Spotty heard his pawrents say it too?!!!

MA....do you know what Mr. Floppy Ears Pup, Mr. Big Pup and Mr. Spotty Pup's pawrents said about me?!!!! They said I was in the SMALL dog section????? ME??? SMALL??  But Ma, I've been working out! The guys all agreed though that I looked pretty ferocious so I'm thinking maybe their pawrents need glasses like you Ma...what do you think?
Max, you look REAL scary and HUGE to me!
OH, Thank Dog Ma! I figured that was the problem when I didn't see glasses on their pawrents! Whew! I was a little worried there for a minute! 

Bet those pawrents never saw a pup sooooo fast he can almost FLY!!!
No, Max...I bet they haven't!

Hey Ma, what'd think about my Ninja moves?
Well, Max there ya have it...who wouldn't be scared when they saw you doing THAT?!

As we were leaving I reminded Max the Ferocious that we'd be seeing Chloe soon....that and a peanut butter Zuke treat and he said a quick goodbye to his pals and off we went :)

Saw this bumper stick on a car when we were leaving...I sooo have to get one!

Have a beautiful today full of huge greatness!


  1. Oh max ...you know what it really was...you were on the " cutest dog only" side of the fence...not the small dog side. I think they were all a bit jealous of you cuteness...and ninja skills!

  2. Looks like you had a pawsome time at the park!

  3. You are so cute! I'm glad to see that you are smart and stay on the small dog side. We don't go to the dog parks because not all people are as smart as your Mom and they let their little dogs play with the big dogs. It is just too dangerous and we don't want to hurt a small dog.

  4. You sure are one busy pup Max!

  5. You sure met some cute doggies at the park, but none as cute or as fast as you Max!

  6. What a great lark in the park Max. We thought you were going to take off at one point. We think the other doggies are just in awe of your mantastic personage Max. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. AnonymousMay 07, 2013

    What a cool dog park... I would like to meet Mr. Floppy Ears too :o) I'm sure sometimes you will fly, you can run as fast as a lightning!!!

  8. Oh Max those were really good pictures, our dog park (30 min. away) doesn't have a little dog section so we don't go to often cos Maggie gets all spazzed out around anything bigger than a rat, anyway guess what baby gussie has a harness just like you, we will take a picture of him in it this week so you can see it.
    stella rose

  9. Great park but I could beat ya any day Max! Awesome sticker,

  10. Mr. Floppy Ears is super cute. You should make friends with him - one of his ears would make a handy rain cover for you if the weather turns bad!

    You sure have fun adventures, Max!

  11. That was quite a dash round you had. We are never allowed off our extension lead as Mum says we are all crazy unpredictable bug*ers who would run off.
    We are quite happy about this, there are lots of big dogs where we go.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  12. You sure can be a speedy little one! Too bad you were separated from the bigger dogs, they wanted to hang out with you!

  13. So glad you had a wonderful time Max! Looking as cute as ever sweet boy! :-)

    ~ Tina
    Park Avenue Chihuahua

  14. You may be small but you gots a HUGE heart!

  15. You were on the best-dog side of the fence Max! You are so cute, funny and clever, all of those big dogs just aren't good enough for your side! That looked super fun and you're one fast runner! I mean, flyer!
    Pippa :)

  16. Looks like a lot of fun!!!!

  17. Oh Max I don't think you have to worry about being too scary lookin' or beefed up to much. I think it is the sprinkler system thing. You know, you walk under them and they sprinkle you.
    Glad you got a laugh about our down hill gymnastics, thanks for stopping by my blog
    Sweet William The Scot

  18. It looks like a great visit. Wish they had cat parks...but indoor, with a/c, and filtered water, mink bed throws, and shrimp!

  19. Oh I loed so much seeing you fly through the air and play at the park!
    All of your friends look so nice . I would like to play with them too.

  20. Max, I think you could hold your own on the BIG dog side of any fence!!


  21. Max what fun you have, love the photo's of you zooming round..Bawahhawaaw we are all behind in bloggy world, catching up slowly xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie


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