Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Christmas in May

My son and I happened to be out without Max this weekend at one point and were driving through the rich area over here called River Oaks....
Not to shabby eh?

Ok, this isn't bad either...I couldn't fit the left side of the house in the photo get the idea though of the la de da ness of the "hood" though right?

Then there is THIS house! See the Christmas lights still up over top of their door at at the part in front of their sidewalk? Oh, we have bushes shaped like dancing bears too!

Oh and monkey bushes and wind tube kites as front door decorations! Bet their neighbors aren't loving them! But we sure did!

A closer view still....I was cracking up laughing because I once got an ugly-gram from my Homeowners Association for my mailbox not being 100% straight and was yappin' to my neighbor about it who was complaining that she got a nasty-gram from them on January 10th about removing her Christmas lights...ok, you should see MY surely is not even CLOSE to these houses...maybe their bathrooms sized! My Homeowners nasty-gram writers would have a field day with them! Ha!

Then we got into the po' folks section..yeah, in my dreams! But we felt it was just missing something???

Aw, this looks MUCH better!!!

If Max couldn't be there...Mini-Max could!

Meanwhile, back in the non-River Oaks area...Max has discovered the tree stump in our yard is VERY interesting!

Let's get a closer look into the stump...

Almost all the way in now!

Looks like a certain bodyguard is asleep on the job!
Have as beautiful today and remember even the ultra wealthy have issues...or maybe they just want Christmas in May!


  1. Dreeeeaaaaam dream, dream dream dream...BOL what fantastic houses..Love that Mini Me got in the photo..BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. Nice looking houses... I don't live in a neighborhood so I don't deal with homeowner's assoc. peeps. I'm sure they'd have a fine time with me and my little trailer though lol!

  3. AnonymousMay 22, 2013

    My mom would die if she had to clean all this windows... but wait, who lives in such a house has probably window cleaners, huh? What have you found in your stump? A pirates treasure? Or a dancing bush? Or was it a squirrel?

  4. What an awesome job for the mini-me's. They can go everywhere! Hmmm...wonder if Thunder Kitty needs a mini-me.

  5. OMD that is one fancy pants hood. Sure is lar-di-da! We love that Mini Me Max came along. Now we got to know what was in the tree stump? Was it some vermin? Hmm we see the bodyguard is alseep on the job. You just can't get the staff these days. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Glad we are not the only ones who like to drive by and ogle the big houses...but then Mom always thinks about the power bills, the water bills the upkeep - and then she thinks - well heck if you can afford a big house - you can afford the bills too :) As much as we like lookin - it would be too much work to keep clean so we will stick with our little house :).

  7. AnonymousMay 22, 2013

    Those are nice houses, and the bear shrubs....too funny! But the christmas lights, kinda weird. Maybe the housekeeper quit.

  8. Gorgeous houses! There must be enough space for us for running indoors! No boring time on rainy days if only I could live there! Lol!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  9. Psst, wake up, you'll get fired, BOL!
    Well, those houses are certainly the stuff of dreams, if only...
    Ha, Mini Max can go anywhere - they will not stop him, ha!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  10. DK and I go mansion watching sometimes too. Isn't it nice to look at those huge houses and dream big? Of course Max was there with you in spirit :)

    Max is such an inquisitive little pup. I bet he can get into some interesting places because he's so small.

  11. AnonymousMay 22, 2013

    Wowzers...those houses are amazing....I'm afraid I'd get LOST in there! I think it's nice that mini-Max got to sit on that wall by the rich person's garden though AND that you discovered something truly INTERESTING there in your very own yard Max - that stump looks like fun to sniff and perhaps even lift a leg on! :D :D

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  12. Oh boy our momma was a drooling all over the computer screen so much at those big ole houses, we had to get the wet wipes out, then we reminded her she can barely keep up with our "three bears house" we call it that cos it is little and in so ole it has a historical marker on the front of the house...yeah that old, as in slopping floors..okay we all got carried away.....anyway we loved the monkey...hehehe...i bet the snotty neighbors are peeohed about that!
    stella rose

  13. I've got a home owners assoc. that sounds like yours! They will send out a nasty-gram for soot around the top edge of your chimney! Come on now! How do you have a fire w/o soot on the chimney?! Sheesh!

  14. First of all, those homes are UNREAL!! OMG!! You know why their Christmas lights are still up in May don't you?
    That is because they are traveling the world in their yacht and won't be returning til NEXT Christmas!

  15. Okays dat SOOOO not looks like my 'hood...except fur da Christmas tree lights...BWHAAHAHAHAHAHAH, yes some folks still has them up and it is against a city ordinance.
    I do likes da dancin' bears though...kinda makes you feels like bein' in da 70s.


  16. Wow that hood is posh, love the mini me.


  17. The topiary on the right side looks like a poodle! We want that in our yard...BOW WOW!

  18. Many in our neigborhood gets a ticket for not removing their holiday ornaments. Those topiary I think are permanent which means Christmas 365 days. Golden Woofs, Sugar
    BTW: just checking if you received the book. Golden Woofs!

  19. The owners must have forgotten to remove the Christmas trimmings from the facade of their homes? Those are great houses! :) Enjoy your day!

  20. LOL on the Christmas lights. It is not like you have to worry about snow and ice there. :)

  21. Whenever I see one of those huge mansions I think of a particular Bugs Bunny line I enjoy: "I wonder what it costs to heat this pile of rocks?" (I'm not a fan of huge houses. I just look at them and think - who has to clean all that? What must their bills be like?? Crazy excess!

  22. That made me laugh when you said the house was so big you couldn't even fit it all into the photo!!

    Love the bushes!

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  23. You have me cracking up over here Liz! You are hilarious! I loved how you snuck Mini-Max in the pics at the one house. Haha! Tell Max to not go to far into that tree stump -- he might fall down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland. :-) Love the pic of the "bodyguard" asleep while on duty! Hahahaha!!! :-D

    ~ Tina
    Park Avenue Chihuahua


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