Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Famous Person Is Your Dog?

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Who Would Max Be If He Was Human??? Who would YOUR pup be?

My daughter and I recently had this discussion...if Max was a famous human - would would he be? She came up with Jon Cryer, I came up with Jimmy Stewart or maybe Johnny Carson? What do you guys think? Have you ever thought about your own pup and who they would most likely be? Curious to know!! I had to admit that Jon Cryer was a pretty darn good pick from my daughter.  Let's hear what you come up with for my Max and your pup!! Next question...would you really want you pup to be able to talk to you in a human voice? What might be at the top of your list to ask your pup? I think I might ask Max to tell me his life story as I just can't imagine my pampered little guy being a homeless stray and I just bet he was clever in how he survived and can just see him thinking outside the box in order to get good food and shelter - that is one of his BIG talents is knowing how to "work humans" for what he knows he can get the "best of" from each of us in his big set of family and friends. Just one of the thoughts racing around in this crazy dog-lady's mind :). 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Max's Bark Park Friends

Sometimes you don't need to "say" anything....just look at all the pups having a great day at the local Bark Park!  I could sit there for hours watching all them! It was a perfect day to go hang with Max's buddies! If I ever retire, this might be where you'll find me! I love to look at all the different kinds of dogs, their behaviors and interactions! Some are real funny too - the running poodle was a hoot to watch continually try to engage other pups into running with her.  The brown and black Airedale was the gentlest pup ever and was so sweet; welcoming all to the park like the host of the party or something. Not sure what kind of pup the last pix is, but I thought he was interesting looking and was fun to watch play-just wanted to enjoy life. 

Here's to having a carefree day like these guys!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Max Goes Missing-Mom Freaks Out! and BarkBox Info. from Us On Cloud 9

How do you lose you 9.6 lb. pup in your own house?!
Surely I didn't go outside and miss that Max was beside me?
No, that COULDN'T have happened!!
Panic sets in rather quickly as I tear through the house looking for Max and calling his name, at first no big deal, then I was start to freak out! I look at his favorite place in the Max!
How can that even be possible?!!
Then I see a little movement under the comforter....relax Mom!!
Now I got get the camera and this is the face I capture....

Who? Me?

Just enjoying the electric blanket Mom :)

I promptly picked up that sweet little face and smiled big!!!

Hug your little pup today friends!!! Rock your Tuesday!!!

P.S. But WAIT...there's more (I sound like an infomercial right?!).... My awesome virtual friend Kat, (aka Beamer's Mom), over at

did a fantastic review of BarkBox...the review was so good, I bought a subscription too! I never even heard of it until Beamer's Ma! She even has a link to click on for  $5 off when you click her link (Max likes it when we save $$! and it was easy too), she has good pix of it and Beamer too so go check out what she had to say and join Beamer's blog too - Max did!

Monday, February 25, 2013

I Swear, It was 10 Feet Tall and 6 Feet Wide Ma!!!!

A sad but true story from the doggie tromping greenery, typically patrolled by Max's Bodyguard, Thunder Kitty, (and sometimes Stanley), that we call my sure to keep the lights on while you're reading this!!!! Oh, Thunder is on "Administrative Leave", pending an investigation for a certain mouse brutality incident in case you're wondering.
Humm...what's this moving?
Let me try that one-handed investigation technique...
I learned from an episode of Puppy CSI
Ok, Thunder Kitty... I think it's safe now to go in with the nose!

Well, maybe I should exercise a little more caution....
Thunder Kitty might get scared ya know!...But ehmm...not ME!
She's been a little apprehensive since the whole mouse incident
"situation"and has been temporarily stripped of her gun and badge.
Looks like it's all up to me!!!

I am NOT scared Thunder Kitty,
just remembered we haven't done our practice sprints lately ....
and I'm worried about your health is all Thunder!!!
Gotta be in shape once you go back out on "the beat" again ya know!

Pay attention to my eehmmm "form" Thunder!!

It was just a bad dream, didn't really happen right?! There
are no worms in my yard, there are no worms in my yard!!!
There are no worms in my yard!!!!!!

Looks like a certain 4-legged pup will be sleeping with the night-light on tonight!
My brave little warrior!! ha!

Have a wonderful, happy and blessed Monday my friends!!!
Reminder:  Story Contest Ends March 1st

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Trip to the DMV

Do you ever feel like when you go to The Department of Motor Vehicles to get your Driver's License, stand in the long line to get your License renewed and are FINALLY ready to take the picture, that they wait for JUSSST the right moment to take the photo that you'll have for YEARS??!! 
Poor Max...good new is, if he gets pulled over for speeding, the cops will be laughing too hard to give him a ticket! 
I wish I still had my old Driver's was sooo bad that my sister would call me up whenever she was upset or just feeling down and ask me to bring my Driver's license!!! (True story!), The people at the checkout at the grocery stores (back when we used to all write checks and have to show our ID), would try their hardest not to laugh-some just couldn't stop themselves! ANYTIME anyone complains about their Drivers License picture my sister tells the story about mine!!! :) In fact, I DID get out of a ticket once because the Officer was rather fascinated and asked me to try to duplicate that face!!! It looked like I was the star in a horror movie that was terrified...who knows WHAT I must have been thinking!  I've never been able to make that same face of terror again...bummer! Would have made a GREAT Christmas card!!! Sure would have cheered my sister up if she ever had the holiday blahs!!!

Stay photogenic my friends! 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

St. Paddy's Day Dog Photo Contest-$25 Visa Gift Card Prize AND $5 Donation to Citizens For Animal Protection Made in Your Pups Name!!!

Looking for pix of YOUR St. Pawty's Day Pups to post on Max's blog on St. Paddy's day. I'll only post the pups photo, pups name and city, state.

Winner will get a $25 Visa Gift Card AND a $5 donation in their pups name to Citizens For Animal Protection!!!

MUST be YOUR pup!
Email to me at Pups Photo, Pups Name and City, State
Max's Followers (only) will vote on best St. Pawty's Pup that day only!
Deadline to submit photos - March 10th!!! 
MUST be a Max Follower to vote but not to participate!

Chalk One Up For Mom!

NOPE..NOT gonna do it...NOT taking my heartworm pills!!
You can't MAKE me!!!
I can hold out longer than you Mom!!!!!!
And WHO is the smart one today Max???
Yep, that's right ... show me it's all gone....
but ummm...might want to finish
your peanut butter treat first Max!!!
Gosh, class it up a little Max!!!

MUCH better...let's show your virtual buddies
the dignified look!!

Max takes Trifexis because it also kills fleas and treats and controls intestinal worms too. I used to just use the standard heartworm pills on my pup Zaya that I had for 16 years. I was pretty skeptical about this Trifexis REALLY stopping fleas? And it's not cheap but if you're allergic to fleas - wow! Ends up that it really does work!! Max has had exactly 2 fleas on him ever in the 11 months he's been on it and those 2 were immediately after coming from being outdoors a while so gotta say I've been pretty darn impressed! Anyone else have any wonderful discoveries like this one? 
No, Trifexis sure didn't pay or anything for my viewpoint - humm...maybe they should see my handsome Max!!! But don't want all that fame going to Max's head and all! ha!

PS Anyone want a 1 time only used, small sized Houston Astros Pup Hat? Max hates it so I took my photos and off it went! First person to say they want it, I'll ask you to donate $5 to Citizens For Animal Protection and type the word BLOGGER in the dedication field and I'll mail it out on Monday to ya! Deal?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Houston Rockets Fan

Gooooo Houston Rockets!!!
Note:  I'm MUCH taller than I look, just don't wanna show off,
although I KNOW I could take down the "Evil Empire" by myself! Ha!
LeBron James has nothing on me!!!!

Thank you SOOOO much to the person that donated to Make a Pups Day!!!
Yea!!! We have 1 Blogger Donor so far!!!!! I'll update everyone as we go. Thanks!!!!!!!
You MADE Max VERY happy too!!!
He was even doing the happy dance in the park!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Off to Las Vegas...

Max and I were off on our imaginary (since I'm not in a position to REALLY go right now), trip to Las Vegas...Oh, we stayed at Caesars Palace (In case you were wondering)...I told him that I was going to allow him to have his OWN room...this is what happened....
(The Equivalent of The Dog Eye-Roll)...
Really Mother...Playing???!? Jumping on the BED?...Hardly, I'm Dog Years...
that's..well...I don't have a CALCULATOR
 handy but you know,
I'm hardly a pup anymore...time to cut the apron strings
Mother...that's so juvenile!!!

I'm a refined Gentledog now!!
MOM:  Maybe Max is right...maybe it's time to start
treating him like a grown-up dog......

I leave the room, guess it's time for me to give Max
his "space"...quit thinking of him as a puppy...
I've really got to start treating him like the "mature"
Dog he is......

NOT!!!!!!!! :) :)...jumping on the bed IS fun!!!
Sssshhhh.....Don't tell Mom...
It'll be OUR little "secret"!
What happens in Vegas,
STAYS in Vegas!!!!!

She would REALLY love us bloggers and blog readers to participate in the $10 donation per month thing - it's super important to Ma and Me!!!
 (see Make a Pups Day!)

Oh and remember the contest closes on March 1st!
Email me your pups photo and a short story to be entered for the $25(ish) secret prize giveaway! Only pups name, photo and story will appear on Max's blog if you're the lucky winner (unless you are ok with me posting your name and/or blog name-that's up to you).

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chanel No.5

Show us your Brad Pitt Chanel No. 5 Look!!!
Show me love Max..That's it...
Work The Camera...You're a Star !!!

Ok, show us the Vulnerable look!
Got it...America's Top Model....
Oh, I TAUGHT them eh?!
Playing around with the Monochrome Settings...but I really loved this photo!
I know...I'm such a goof-ball! But I have this handsome model!!
While I'd LIKE to say he just thinks I'm a Gourmet cook..
Nope, just does this a lot....we call it a trick :)
Hey, hey..don't judge us...the only other trick is the handshake...
Gotta work with what we got!!!
When you're THIS handsome...ya don't need tricks right?!!

Chanel No. 5,
if you're looking for a ...eeehh..humm...replacement model

...well, the photos SPEAK (get it..speak... ha.. ha) for themselves! :) 
(Thankfully I DO have a day job!)

Sending a GIANT, SPECIAL Hug to get better soon to little D and his Mama T!!!!!

P.S. Thanks soooo much to Houston PetTalk Magazine!! They posted on Facebook  yesterday about Max's "MAKE A PUPS DAY! THE CITIZENS FOR ANIMAL PROTECTION WAY " Page/Tab on this Blog to help me encourage people to donate $10 a month to Citizens For Animal Protection so we can all help save more pups (and their buddies) lives!!! Yea!! Thanks sooooooo much!!!! You guys rock!!!! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Help a Pup! Be Sure to Click on the MAKE A PUPS DAY THE CITIZENS FOR ANIMAL PROTECTION WAY PAGE/TAB!!! (Look up) & Thanks!!!!!! This is VERY important to me!!

Introducing Stanley...Our Backyard Visitor

Quite some time ago this Cat started coming around the backyard. Thunder Kitty thought he looked like he needed to talk and could use a friend, so one day she invited him to lunch. She was up-front with him and explained that she was just interested in being friendsIt was a bit too personal to get into the fact that she had a little operation (Oh, great doctor by the way-Think Mom calls him Dr. SNAP or something), and isn't interested in having a family; after all she IS a career Kitty with a full-time position as Bodyguard to a certain long-legged Dog who shall remain nameless. 

One day Thunder Kitty told me I was embarrassing her by calling him "kitty" him Stanley she said, he IS a male ya know! Thunder also informed me that Stanley had secured employment as a Food Critic at Backyarder Mooch Food Magazine. 

Stanley rated the Dry Cuisine at La Mom's Backyard...2 paws down but stated that the Tuna Al La Can was, (and I quote), "a brilliant culinary masterpiece"!

During this same visit, a fellow patron was appalled at Stanley's table manners and immediately complained to the Maitre d'! Napkin on your lap, don't chew with your mouth open....come on "Mr. Food Critique"!

I hated to have to ask for the Manager and embarrass the Cat but Jeez Wiz!

Ok, I need to just calm down now and
breathe like my Yoga instructor teaches me!

Remember....SMILE, BREATHE

Keep Coming Back
for The Latest Adventures of Max
and his buddies!

For Information on Thunder Kitty's PERSONAL Doctor who performed her "little operation" contact  S.N.A.P. - They were great!

Don't forget the CONTEST ends March 1st! See Left Side of Blog For Details! Enter at

Monday, February 18, 2013

Video Of Max At The Bark Park

Sorry, but Max's Ma is still learning all this "techie" stuff so not too great of a video/slide show but you get to see Max and his buddies while listening to a song : ) ....after all it is....