Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chalk One Up For Mom!

NOPE..NOT gonna do it...NOT taking my heartworm pills!!
You can't MAKE me!!!
I can hold out longer than you Mom!!!!!!
And WHO is the smart one today Max???
Yep, that's right ... show me it's all gone....
but ummm...might want to finish
your peanut butter treat first Max!!!
Gosh, class it up a little Max!!!

MUCH better...let's show your virtual buddies
the dignified look!!

Max takes Trifexis because it also kills fleas and treats and controls intestinal worms too. I used to just use the standard heartworm pills on my pup Zaya that I had for 16 years. I was pretty skeptical about this Trifexis REALLY stopping fleas? And it's not cheap but if you're allergic to fleas - wow! Ends up that it really does work!! Max has had exactly 2 fleas on him ever in the 11 months he's been on it and those 2 were immediately after coming from being outdoors a while so gotta say I've been pretty darn impressed! Anyone else have any wonderful discoveries like this one? 
No, Trifexis sure didn't pay or anything for my viewpoint - humm...maybe they should see my handsome Max!!! But don't want all that fame going to Max's head and all! ha!

PS Anyone want a 1 time only used, small sized Houston Astros Pup Hat? Max hates it so I took my photos and off it went! First person to say they want it, I'll ask you to donate $5 to Citizens For Animal Protection and type the word BLOGGER in the dedication field and I'll mail it out on Monday to ya! Deal?


  1. Oh my goodness. Those pictures are so great. Loving Max already ... such a personality. :)

  2. Thanks Tiff, He is FULL of personality for sure!!! can't imagine life without my BFF pup!!!

  3. Aww, Max is so cute. I love how he's able to keep the pill in his mouth without spitting it out. It's quite impressive that you were able to snap that picture, too. All my attempts at a photo like that are a blur.

  4. Kat-Think I was able to take the pix because I finally got myself a new camera, my old one wouldn't do it either :( but still learning how to use it...gonna take a long time! :)


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