Thursday, February 21, 2013

Off to Las Vegas...

Max and I were off on our imaginary (since I'm not in a position to REALLY go right now), trip to Las Vegas...Oh, we stayed at Caesars Palace (In case you were wondering)...I told him that I was going to allow him to have his OWN room...this is what happened....
(The Equivalent of The Dog Eye-Roll)...
Really Mother...Playing???!? Jumping on the BED?...Hardly, I'm Dog Years...
that's..well...I don't have a CALCULATOR
 handy but you know,
I'm hardly a pup anymore...time to cut the apron strings
Mother...that's so juvenile!!!

I'm a refined Gentledog now!!
MOM:  Maybe Max is right...maybe it's time to start
treating him like a grown-up dog......

I leave the room, guess it's time for me to give Max
his "space"...quit thinking of him as a puppy...
I've really got to start treating him like the "mature"
Dog he is......

NOT!!!!!!!! :) :)...jumping on the bed IS fun!!!
Sssshhhh.....Don't tell Mom...
It'll be OUR little "secret"!
What happens in Vegas,
STAYS in Vegas!!!!!

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