Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Introducing Stanley...Our Backyard Visitor

Quite some time ago this Cat started coming around the backyard. Thunder Kitty thought he looked like he needed to talk and could use a friend, so one day she invited him to lunch. She was up-front with him and explained that she was just interested in being friendsIt was a bit too personal to get into the fact that she had a little operation (Oh, great doctor by the way-Think Mom calls him Dr. SNAP or something), and isn't interested in having a family; after all she IS a career Kitty with a full-time position as Bodyguard to a certain long-legged Dog who shall remain nameless. 

One day Thunder Kitty told me I was embarrassing her by calling him "kitty"...call him Stanley she said, he IS a male ya know! Thunder also informed me that Stanley had secured employment as a Food Critic at Backyarder Mooch Food Magazine. 

Stanley rated the Dry Cuisine at La Mom's Backyard...2 paws down but stated that the Tuna Al La Can was, (and I quote), "a brilliant culinary masterpiece"!

During this same visit, a fellow patron was appalled at Stanley's table manners and immediately complained to the Maitre d'! Napkin on your lap, don't chew with your mouth open....come on "Mr. Food Critique"!

I hated to have to ask for the Manager and embarrass the Cat but Jeez Wiz!

Ok, I need to just calm down now and
breathe like my Yoga instructor teaches me!

Remember....SMILE, BREATHE

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For Information on Thunder Kitty's PERSONAL Doctor who performed her "little operation" contact  S.N.A.P. - They were great!

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