Friday, February 8, 2013

CONTEST!!! HURRY.. Ends March 1st, 2013!!!

Max wants to see another pup's face on here!!! 
He is willing to share the limelight...well, for a day maybe! Ha!
Just email me your pup's photo, name and a short story about whatever you want about your pup, a funny story, how you first came to meet, weird things your BFF pup does, anything... whatever you want as long as it's clean :). Max, my daughter and I will be the "official judges".  The winner will have their pup's photo, pups name and story on this blog by March 7, 2013 and will receive a small ($25ish), secret prize for their pup.
(Note: if you would like to "suggest" a $25ish prize along with your entry so I can make it more appropriate for the winning pup that would be great, just no promise, but I will promise a $25ish prize). Winner will be emailed by March 3rd. Let's get the pup stories started!!! 


  1. We are going to MAKE Mum enter this, its such a great idea :)


  2. Shame this is for pups but it well nice to se who wins,xxSpeedy

  3. Sorry Speedy...maybe in the future all I rabbits :) Thanks for saying hi though and hope to see ya back here!


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