Sunday, February 24, 2013

Trip to the DMV

Do you ever feel like when you go to The Department of Motor Vehicles to get your Driver's License, stand in the long line to get your License renewed and are FINALLY ready to take the picture, that they wait for JUSSST the right moment to take the photo that you'll have for YEARS??!! 
Poor Max...good new is, if he gets pulled over for speeding, the cops will be laughing too hard to give him a ticket! 
I wish I still had my old Driver's was sooo bad that my sister would call me up whenever she was upset or just feeling down and ask me to bring my Driver's license!!! (True story!), The people at the checkout at the grocery stores (back when we used to all write checks and have to show our ID), would try their hardest not to laugh-some just couldn't stop themselves! ANYTIME anyone complains about their Drivers License picture my sister tells the story about mine!!! :) In fact, I DID get out of a ticket once because the Officer was rather fascinated and asked me to try to duplicate that face!!! It looked like I was the star in a horror movie that was terrified...who knows WHAT I must have been thinking!  I've never been able to make that same face of terror again...bummer! Would have made a GREAT Christmas card!!! Sure would have cheered my sister up if she ever had the holiday blahs!!!

Stay photogenic my friends! 


  1. That is so funny, I hope you find it sometime!
    Dogs make you sick the way they look cute ALL the time, pffft!
    Lynne x

  2. Lynne-Yes,even in this pix he's still my cutie :)
    Your pups are ADORABLE!!!

  3. You seriously capture the best moments of your little Max.

    You're not alone on the unsightly driver's license photo. I hate taking it out whenever I get ID'd... which unfortunately, is pretty often.

  4. Aw, thanks Kat...I LOVE to take pictures and poor Max just puts up with me :)
    Ha...I'd love to get ID'd...treasure that more carding for this chick...even though I'm 18 in my mind :)(the body just doesn't seem to agree! Urr!!!:)

  5. Very funny and very true I think Max's picture is precious though. My own DMV picture is pretty awful but oh well I was just glad to get out of hte DMV

    urban hounds

  6. Urban Hounds-Pretty sure the DMV needs at least a Starbucks inside or maybe a live comedian to make it more tolerable or maybe they could do slide show while we wait of peoples license photos :)! Thanks for stopping by!


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