Monday, February 25, 2013

I Swear, It was 10 Feet Tall and 6 Feet Wide Ma!!!!

A sad but true story from the doggie tromping greenery, typically patrolled by Max's Bodyguard, Thunder Kitty, (and sometimes Stanley), that we call my sure to keep the lights on while you're reading this!!!! Oh, Thunder is on "Administrative Leave", pending an investigation for a certain mouse brutality incident in case you're wondering.
Humm...what's this moving?
Let me try that one-handed investigation technique...
I learned from an episode of Puppy CSI
Ok, Thunder Kitty... I think it's safe now to go in with the nose!

Well, maybe I should exercise a little more caution....
Thunder Kitty might get scared ya know!...But ehmm...not ME!
She's been a little apprehensive since the whole mouse incident
"situation"and has been temporarily stripped of her gun and badge.
Looks like it's all up to me!!!

I am NOT scared Thunder Kitty,
just remembered we haven't done our practice sprints lately ....
and I'm worried about your health is all Thunder!!!
Gotta be in shape once you go back out on "the beat" again ya know!

Pay attention to my eehmmm "form" Thunder!!

It was just a bad dream, didn't really happen right?! There
are no worms in my yard, there are no worms in my yard!!!
There are no worms in my yard!!!!!!

Looks like a certain 4-legged pup will be sleeping with the night-light on tonight!
My brave little warrior!! ha!

Have a wonderful, happy and blessed Monday my friends!!!
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  1. Hope you were able to get some sleep...that sounds scary.

    Happy Monday Mischief!

  2. Ooo, that could have been scary. Glad it was a dream.

  3. It just had to be a dream! Don't worry, though. Worms usually come out only after a rain storm.

  4. Worms are good eatin' as far as my dogs are concerned ;-)

  5. Woof! Woof! Oh no. Rest n sleep. Happy MM. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. Glad it was just a dream, though it sounded like a nightmare!!

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  7. Oh, scary! Although... my dog, Rita, likes to roll on worms. That's *really* scary!

    Happy MM!

  8. Max and I thank you for all the comments and letting us "feel the love" :)! Max had a Mischief Monday for sure...or at least a panicky one :). I can't imagine Max EVER eating a worm or rolling on old pup,Zaya,of 16 years-definitely, but little Max is my resident scaredy-cat! The stereo-typical "lover not a fighter"...maybe more like a hide behind Mom-er :). Flea, we'll take your word and watch out for rain storm worms...I'm with Max on not caring for them either except for fishing!
    Hope everyone had a great Monday!!! It's one step closer to the weekend :) :)

  9. Yuck. I hate worms too, Max. You're not alone :)

  10. Kat, Just REAL thankful I don't have snakes...then I would out-run Max!!!...and I'm not exactly an athletic type so I'd probably break my leg :)

  11. What a brave little man you are -- protecting the house, your mama and your pals. Keep up the great work Max! Momma needs to get you a Sheriff's badge for your collar. ;-)

    Waggy Tails and Puppy Kisses,

    ~ The Park Avenue Chihuahua Crew

    1. That's good stuff...Max DOES need a Sheriff's badge! He just makes me smile every day!!! Max send ya extra hugs!!!


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