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We are open to discuss advertising your product in the right sidebar or at the bottom of the page ONLY if it is a product Max and I can fully support and agree with, just send me an email to discuss. Any money would be donated directly to Citizen's For Animal Protection, not to me personally. They are a wonderful organization!!

Product Reviews will be 100% honest reviews!  (Note:  regarding food/treats we will only do product reviews on USA made food and treats) and I would hope you would send an extra bag or treat for me to give Citizens For Animal Protection or send to them directly. 

Things we like Reviewing:
Bowls, Cups, etc.
Misc. things that aren't toys
Pet trinkets, paintings, jewelry, pretty much anything cat or dog related
Toys:  Chloe (aka Beans, Max's girlfriend pup) can guest review (Max doesn't play with toys but Beans LOVES toys!)

Won't Review:
Choke collars
Shock or Vibration Collars
Treats/Food made outside of the USA
Unpadded or rough-sided harnesses

Anything else...ask by emailing me :) 

Products We LOVE and were NOT compensated for in any way, the people/company may not have even known we did a review at all:

PupSaver Dog Car Seat Best Car pup seat ever! Comfortable as can be, super easy to put in and out of your car or move into the backseat within literally seconds, cleans up well, etc.  If you are not familiar with this car seat I HIGHLY recommend that you really do watch the video on their website to see the how's and why it works! This is my #1 favorite to recommend by far!!!!

Little Eatz Max is definitely of pup of picky taste but he LOVES the Little Eatz Gourmet Goodies Perfect Peanut Butter treats!!! We like them so much after trying them out via our BarkBox that we ordered them online!!! That means Ma must really want me to be a happy Max!!

Glogirly Design We won a contest on Glogirly Design's site that allowed us to get a free blog header and were really thrilled with the results!!! Take a look for yourself at the top of this blog!

Book: What The Dog Ate We really enjoyed this book a lot! See my review of Jackie Bouchard's book (sorry, about the sloppy look on the page but this was before I changed by blog up and I haven't fixed it yet)


One of my favorites was this collar and tie set from Pugpossessed - See my review, note: we have worn this collar and assorted ties a lot and they hold up great!

Another favorite is this super warm, jacket by Creative Imaginings - I reviewed this a while back and it is still in perfect condition after PLENTY of washes and it's reversible!

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