Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bill Archer Dog Park Fun in Houston, Texas

My Brave and Mighty Little Chihuahua Mix Dog.... Super Max!

Max is a little social butterfly within his own extended family!!  Other than work, he goes where I go, but I like to keep him social with other pups too that he hasn't met.  Of course I always have him close by just to be sure the other pups have the same gentle nature as Max.  He can be a little shy when you first met him and a bit of a scaredy-cat in general, but I LOVE that although he'd rather sniff endlessly at the Dog Park than play for any length of time with the smaller pups...he goes right up to the fence separating the little pups from the big pups!! Go figure...does it every time we go and it cracks me up! My brave little Max...when there's a fence!!! Ha! 

My Brave Little Max :) 

I can sniff for HOURS!

Big dogs are passing by...better guard this bench!!

I could go over to the Big Dog area if I really wanted to...I just  didn't want to intimidate them! 

Ok pup-friends, see ya later!

The "Before" picture...enough said!

Always the center of attention

I AM the best pup in the world!!!

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