Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dog Harness and Dog Clothes

Let's see what all the "in the know, cool pups" are sporting on the doggie runway this season...A Tab of Velcro with a snap closure is all the rage in Houston for those long walks in the park, looking all dapper in their colorful harness!! But what's a trend-setter pup to wear in the brisk evenings or when he wants to cuddle next to his Human....why yes, Vanna...Won't Max look stunning in his Green, Hoddie with the Red and White Accents and convenience pocket for an extra puppy treat to impress Mixy or Tricksy? Sound like Max is ready for a night on the town! But you'll have to be patient to see the unveiling of this handsome, young pup....
SimplyDog Mesh Body Harness
BEFORE....Without Max to Beautify...just not 
a lot of excitement here right? UNTIL....
Scroll down to see how it SHOULD look!!

So today I'm thinking...why did I pay for previous dog harnesses for Max? I had bought one of those harnesses that are made from that thick, flat, rope-like material that they make dog collars out of, for one, it was a nightmare to put it on properly (even though it was supposed to be this step-into, easy one), secondly, it seemed to irritate Max's little tummy. That's when I found...dum, da, de first SimplyDog Mesh Body Dog Harness. It was cheap at Wal-Mart and came in a few different colors. As you can see from Max's Dog Park adventures, I got a red and light blue one for like $10 each! I like that they have a velcro attachment and then you snap it into place with the same mechanism as most dog collars have. It's absolutely idiot proof (trust me, I know!ha!), it's very light-weight too so it's more breathable for your pup and I've washed mine several times and had no problem but I do let them air-dry. Just thought I'd pass on a cheap tip about my experience with harnesses - also, prefer using the harness for walks since Max has a rather fragile little neck and for his car seat, although you can use a collar with his particular car seat. Note: Type in 550798099 in the Wal-Mart Search bar to find easily :).

Next is this cute little sweater for I bought Max for Christmas, or if your a pup that gets cold easily like Max, all winter season long :). Another cheapy purchase from Wal-Mart (enter 550738239 in the Wal-Mart Search box) - under $4 but they only have XS and XXS left. It's super soft! I don't ever want to dress Max in anything uncomfortable...except to take a real quick photo :).

And Now, Ladies and Gentlemen I present the star of today in his lovely new ensemble - lady pups, behave!
Heeere's Max, no autographs please....
Max....helping keep America paw at a time!!
The Lovely and Talented Max AFTER the Outfit 
Beautification. I see Model Quality - He's a Natural!!!]
You know they always want long legged models right?!!
Pretty sure Doggie Vogue wants him on the Cover!!!
Benji??? I say Benji who! Have you SEEN Max?!

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