Saturday, January 26, 2013

Meet My Grand-Dog Chloe aka Beans

Did I mention I can do yoga?
While I don't have any Grand-babies...I DO have a wonderful Grand-dog, Chloe aka Beans via my super, wonderful, amazing and beautiful daughter (can ya tell I'm kinda proud of and love my daughter too??). I have never seen a dog quite like little Chloe! She jumps right into my daughter's arms from the ground straight up and if I had Beans' energy level my house would be sparkling clean!! Chloe is happy to drag out EVERY single toy she has  (and she's got a ton!!!) and play with or without you but she IS going to play!!! My daughter feels about her like I do about Max so you know she is equally as spoiled and loved!!! They love getting together!!
My Name is Chloe aka Beans
and I'm one of Max's Best
(Beans is my Beautiful, Best
Daughter in the World's pup)

Beans never met a Toy she
didn't like and knows
them ALL by name! She's
my Smart and FAST Grand-dog.

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