Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dog Training - Unbelievable Talent and Heart!

This adorable video was made by Aki Yamaguchi
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I'm not sure if that's called a Channel on YouTube or what, but I subscribed a long time ago after getting a Max Video from back when he was still looking for his forever home.  Aki Yamaguchi is WAY beyond amazing in her talents!!! I mean when a typical person thinks of dog training, they think of Sit, Stay, Give Me Your Paw and things like that....this is soooo not the case here!!! I told Aki by a private email a while back that basically Cesar's got NOTHING on her!!! Ok, no ugly comments please...yes, I love Cesar too and watch him too but Wow...the things Aki has managed to do in training these dog goes way beyond the norm!! Watch some for yourself and you'll understand what I mean.  Aki is a Trainer at (the fabulous), Rover Oaks Pet Resort in Katy, Texas.  Between teaching classes and working with client's dogs, she also works with rescued dogs that need a little training. She says, "Max was a special case as he did not have any issues besides being a little shy at first.  She fell in love with him the moment he waved at her from his window.  Max is still her favorite Chi in the world to this day."  I got to meet Aki and Joy of Rover Oaks back in February  2012 when I first adopted my Max and both asked me to be sure to keep them updated from time to time...they probably regret that now ha ha ...I send them updates a LOT and silly pictures of Max.  They are truly great and inspirational people who really have answered a calling I feel in their lives.  I hesitate to even say "my Max" as I will always feel he is not just "my Max" but "our Max", I hope to one day soon be able to accurately tell the WHOLE Max story...there was lots of "OUR" people who helped much along Max's way that make it possible today for me to be able to say "my Max"! Anyway, I'm starting to ramble so just do yourself a favor and kick back and relax and watch some of Aki's incredible work via YouTube or at her blog at...  or by entering SARJazki in the YouTube search area - I PROMISE, you'll be amazed!! Oh, Max is the 2nd pup featured in this Super Dog!..Sorry, couldn't resist!

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