Monday, January 28, 2013

Sunday Dinner at the Grand-pups...oh, and my daughter's

Beans has LOTS of Toys!

So let me get this straight??? and that other human are gonna dine on Salmon and a vegetable medley in butter sauce with garlic toast and me and Max are eating...what... DOG FOOD?!!?! Surely you jest?!!
After watching the Boston Celtics win in double over-time with Dad last night, I headed home to do some laundry but then my daughter called saving me from the dreaded laundry, inviting me over to watch Shameless and eat dinner! Have to say dinner vs. laundry? Hello...dinner won!! Yummy - even had dessert! Wow, it was like dinning in a first class restaurant but with pups! Have I told you lately how much my daughter rocks?!
I'll go in first and look all pitiful...

Then you come in Beans and close the deal
...they're easy KNOW it'll work!

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