Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pet Insurance

Well, not sure if I should or shouldn't have invested in Pet Insurance for Max? Seemed like a catch 22...get it and pay I think like $30 a month and if there's any major issues it's covered (well, most things I think) and then I won't be stressed out about some huge bill I can't afford or save the $30 each month so I have it if I should ever need it? Who knows?! I went ahead and got the VIP Pet Insurance through this pet insurance provider and had called once over a heart worm false (thank God!) positive that Max received although I knew he had been on the heart worm preventative, but I guess sometimes that can happen, anyway, of course "parasites" wasn't covered and ends up it isn't covered it seems with any of the other pet insurance companies either but I will say that they were VERY pleasant and helpful to deal with and I wasn't left on hold forever and they seemed quite knowledgeable too. Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations about pet insurance or personal experience?  Here's the link to the one I choose for my Max...
It's ruff work being a Super Dog!

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