Friday, January 25, 2013

Microchip for Dogs

I am Microchipped and quite handsome too!
Do you SEE my Dark Brown eyes with the Olive colored Sweater?
I like to make an ENTRANCE when I walk into a room!!
I'm like the EF Hutton of Pups...When I talk...humans listen! 
When I got my little Max from Citizen's For Animal Protection, he had already been microchipped from California (long story), anyway I knew nothing about microchipping so I contacted and had his microchip re-listed as me as his new Mom! It was easy to do and cheap. Now, if Max ever gets lost, if someone found him and took him to most shelters or vets, they can easily scan him and whaaa la, they call me! Their website shows that PETtrac has a 52.2% return to owner rate - that's pretty good! I even had my own experience with this huge, black lab that was obviously lost but had no tags sitting in front of a nearby movie theatre...everyone was wondering if they should take him before animal control came or what? Just as I had contacted the local emergency animal clinic to verify that they did indeed have a scanner to see if the pup had been microchipped-they did-yea! Then a frantic lady came running up to claim the dog!  It turned out that someone else in the crowd had put the dog on Craigslist with his cell right away and the lady came immediately and was sooo relieved! I just HAD to ask...if I would have put her dog in the car and scanned him? Yes, she said she had hoped that someone might do that :). Glad I followed through to protect my Max too! Love all this technology and that the guy was able to post her pups photo so fast on Craigslist! Love a happy ending!!!
See that Blue Tag on my collar? That's my Avid  Tag...
Behind that is my Reward If Missing, I'm Microchipped and Rabies Tag
Max says "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful!"

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  1. I really agree with your post that microchips are very essential for our pet while they lost. These chips useful to find the pet easily.


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