Thursday, January 17, 2013

Max is my little "Baby on Board" and yesterday he got his new Dog Car Seat! It's called Pup Saver (you can see all about it and I would highly encourage everyone to WATCH THE VIDEO at ).  Ray Bennett at created a brand new way of looking at Dog Safety and came up with Pup Saver.  I had another Dog Car Seat that was ok, but was honestly better served as a booster chair for Max to enjoy the sites rather than keeping him safe.  The Pup Saver is about the EASIEST thing on the planet to use...just plop it in the seat next to or behind you latch the tether to his collar and go! You intentionally, by design, do NOT belt it in! It's designed to act sort of like a clam and fold up with your precious baby inside it should you have a wreck...again, watch the video as I can't do it justice here.  We went on our maiden voyage yesterday and Max loved it! It's super soft, made extremely well and with top quality materials and I love that if you are traveling or visiting people, it can also easily be used as a dog bed too and that it literally takes no longer to put in and OUT of your car than it does to put your purse down on the seat - gotta love that!! Yes, I've gone on and on about this product and no, I am not paid, connected with, etc. with Pup Saver in any way - other than just think it's a great product to launch my blog with and remind everyone to keep their pups safe! I'll try to review more product and tell you the ones Max likes as this blog progresses! Have a great day and let your little lights shine!!

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