Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Are there any silly or serious topics you'd like me to discuss? Would love some feedback if you have things you'd like me to write about, etc. - just please send me a private email to (please don't use that Google + thing to send me an email though as I haven't fully grasped that just yet - but I'm trying to learn it-just plain email). I'm open to changing my 3 Voting/Polling boxes to if you'd like to see some other question/polls from me soon! Do you maybe have a favorite place you take your pup, things to do with your pup, Toys, Clothes, Furniture, Things that have opened up you and your pups world?
Ok, so today....along those same lines, I invite you to tell me a story by sending it to my email above about the weirdest, strangest, funniest or most heartwarming thing your dog ever did and why (if you ever found out).  Submit your stories along with the name you'd like to see beside it (some only use first names, first and last or a nickname) and I will have the help of my 82 year old Dad and 28 year old daughter to help pick the WINNING story to be published on this blog.  There will also be a small prize given (need to provide me a mailing address if you win-which of course won't be published) and size of your pup at the end of the contest.  You MUST include a pix of your pup that will be included in the winning story and blog post!
DEADLINE IS MARCH 1, 2013 by 7pm Central Time!
Your Name As You Want It To Publically Appear On The Blog
Name Of Your Pup
Photo Of Your Pup For Posting With The Story
Email Addess Where to Contact You If You Win
Will later ask for your Mailing Adress (Privately) To Send You A Small Gift
Size Of Your Dog (Example:  Small 8 lb. Dog)

Let the competition begin!!!

I think my Human is in need of serious help!
What WAS she thinking?! Do the ears make me look fat? 

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