Friday, January 25, 2013

Separation Anxiety

I've had a looong day!
Had to be on the road today at 5am headed for San Antonio, Texas (about 180 miles from Houston), today for an all day work seminar. That said, my little Max stayed the night with my awesome sister and her equally great hubby and his pup buddy Carly a big, old, lovable black Lab. Talk about separation anxiety....mine...ha..not Max's! Ha! He loves hanging out over there and being treated like a Prince but poor me! :) Going to sleep last night and then waking up this morning and not seeing those big, brown eyes....gosh, I have really gotten soooo attached to him!!! The first break we had today at the seminar, I quickly called my did she answer the phone???? Not "Hello", "Hey, what's up"....nope, she knows me too well..."He's fine!" - ha...she knows me sooo well! :)
Darn Puparazzi is at it again!!

On the way to San Antonio this morning, stopped at Buc-ee's...thus the new Max outfit. As you can tell, all is right in the world now and me and Max are ready to call it a night :)   Have a beautiful weekend!!

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